Attitudes and job satisfaction mcqs

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Because differences in age and experience creates cohorts that are confounded, designing a proper study is challenging Grant et al. Step Two Ask immediate managers about responsibilities and tasks required to do the job well Step Three Ask similar questions to the current employee doing the job Step Four Observe an employee who does the job well Step Five Try to do the job yourself, careful to not attempt jobs that are very dangerous and that are done by employees with prolonged experience Step Six Write a job description detailing all your findings Job Characteristics Theory Assemblers on an assembly line are required to stand or sit in a consistent position for significant periods of time engaging in repetitive, monotonous motions.

This is an example of what type of conflict? This site may be mirrored intact including these noticeson any server with public access. The drive to bond is best met by a culture that promotes collaboration and openness.

This brings into play the tenets of reinforcement theory as well, since positive reinforcement through monetary compensation can play an important part in motivation. The existence of such data hierarchies is not accidental and should not be ignored.

The nominal group technique is a brainstorming technique that assists to overcome the challenge faced by group members who may lack the experience to understand that the information they hold is needed to generate and evaluate options or alternatives.

Is the amount of information that must be processed, in terms of thinking and problem solving, fairly minimal? Financial reports, turnover rates, exit interviews and customer satisfaction reults are all examples of what type of data collection?

This is achieved by making sure that jobs are designed well and that the appropriate people can fill those positions. Each of these approaches, mentioned earlier, have benefits and drawbacks to consider.

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Figure 5 compares and contrasts the four approaches: The goal of process improvement interventions is to increase efficiency. The manual requirement of having a person do this was placed in hire regard than it would be now.

Some applications usefor example, a 5-point scale and then features a rank-ordering of the top three RVS values after each list of has already been rated, to use in correcting for end-piling.

This extended even to team-based structures that endorse creativity and specialization in tasks. Is the workplace laid out so that the employee can see and hear well enough to perform the job? Processes for performance management and resource allocation that are fair, trustworthy, and transparent address the drive to defend" Nohria et al, Flow research supports the view that work provides opportunities for experiencing a state of positive well-being Henry, Additionally, the study made the assumption that all employees want the same outcomes Locke, Anyone who works a job where they are constantly doing the same motion over and over e.

They also strongly imply that discontented feelings towards intrinsic variables produce general dissatisfaction. None of the above.

For example, animal and human studies of inheritance deal with a natural hierarchy where offspring are grouped within families. For example, the significance assembly line operator, doing the same motion and task over and over 50 years ago compared to now rate differently.

In recent years, however, there has been a gradual shift to measuring values directly by means of survey questionnaire research.

Organizational Behavior mcqs

The Upper Confidence Limit: For example, many employees claim that a competitive pay with great benefits are not enough to keep them satisfied, and that their job content matters as well PSU WC, a, L. What the researcher found was that intrinsic factors such as responsibility, self-development, and personal recognition increased job satisfaction and work motivation.

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MGT Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 3 their jobs and workplaces determined that almost 40% or the respondents stated that one of the biggest barriers to job satisfaction was a) the. MGT Organizational Behavior All in One Solved MCQs .net 1) The belief that "discrimination is wrong" is a value statement.

Such an opinion is the _____ component of an attitude. cognitive affective reactive behavioral Job satisfaction describes a positive feeling about your job resulting from an evaluation of.

Chapter 3 Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction Chapter 4 Personality and Emotions Chapter 5 Perception and Individual Decision Making Chapter 6 Basic Motivation Concepts "Organizational behavior is an applied behavioural science that is built upon contributions from a number of behavioral disciplines.

Organizational Behavior Exam Focus with Answers new. Generating positive job attitudes helps lower absenteeism and turnover. d. Attitudes help determine how well employees perform on the job e. Job Satisfaction and Turnover; p.

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90) 9. Why should managers be interested in their employees’ attitudes? a.

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They result from. Customer satisfaction lead to increase in opportunities for cross-selling, comprehensive and up to date service knowledge and sales techniques among employee, combined with developing relationships.

The approach has been applied to multivariate issues such as factors affecting leaving an organization, job satisfaction, managerial behavior, etc. References and Further Readings: Korn, Graubard, Analysis of Health Surveys, Wiley,

Attitudes and job satisfaction mcqs
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