Beneficial animal testing essay

On the one hand, the people who support these experiments say that we must do tests on animals. Although animals can feel pain, they cannot obtain the same moral status as humans, because, as humans, we are the only species that have the ability to reflect on our own actions, decisions, and beliefs.

Testing on animals should be done for new scientific breakthroughs for health. Information from this sort of work can then be applied to higher animals and humans. The study of animals is a vital part of this research process.

The substances they are given during the experiments are to ensure the safety of humans who may be in contact with the medications or chemicals. Many basic cell processes are the same in all animals, and the bodies of animals are like humans in the way that they perform many vital functions such as breathing, digestion, movement, sight, hearing and reproduction.

A Replacement alternative means to substitute warm-blooded animals with microorganisms, eggs, and invertebrates among others.

Why Animals are Used

Scientists will use the animals to study the gene disease process and figure out the proper way to stop the disease. Critics of this argument have however maintained their stand regarding the futility of such efforts.

Reporters Kerry Fehr-Snyder and Bill Hart from the Arizona Republic explain that animals have been used as test subjects Beneficial animal testing essay the time of the Greeks and Romans because human dissection was not allowed Fehr-Snyder and Hart.

Using computer models cannot always predict unknown variables that can be discovered with animal testing. Studying the conditions and side effects that the animals experience helps us understand our own biological systems.

Animals may not have the exact same philology as humans but animal testing is accurate enough to test whether a substance is even safe enough for human trials. This assessment shows that the conclusions of the research that will be found will be beneficial to society, and will outweigh the effects of the research on an animals life.

The Declaration of Helsinki states that animal research should continue to be allowed, but should remain morally justified. It would thus be justified to assert that animal testing should not be banned. They will also monitor the health of the animals once exposed to new medications and cosmetics.

Because researchers and scientists have the ability to achieve this objective, they need to use every tool available at their disposal in order to ensure that cures for such diseases are found.

Hire Writer For instance, Blakemore uses an example of how people can easily forget the importance of animals in medical research. This is done by handling the animal in a humane way, and giving it the proper dose of the drugs being tested.

This means you must look at both sides of the issue and you must also be sure you give your opinion too. Furthermore, the animals which are used are not usually wild but are bred especially for experiments. Research has already proven effective treatments for arthritis, polio, and hepatitis C.

Pulver believes that animals do not deserve rights because they do not understand the duties that come with having rights Pulver The research done on the animals can lead to injuries and make them unable to live in the wild; therefore, the wild animals are kept in captivity. From a practical perspective, the use of animal experiments guarantees the safety of humans.

Because there is no other alternative to test the effectiveness of drugs and consumer goods, the use of animals in experiments becomes justified. In particular this has allowed mice to model many human diseases which were previously difficult to study.

Animal testing should not be banned Essay

Fehr-Snyder and Hart elucidate on this by revealing that often animals are bred to be killed and dissected and other times the testing done on the animals forces them to be killed Fehr-Snyder and Hart. Heffner also explains that the massive amount of breeding and the way in which it is done has caused laboratory animals to become more genetically diverse Heffner Testing on Animals Essay.

A Pages:6 Words This is just a sample. This assessment shows that the conclusions of the research that will be found will be beneficial to society, and will outweigh the effects of the research on an animals life.

Medical Testing on Animals ; Animal Testing Controversy ; Animal testing argumentative essay. Animal Experimentation: More Harmful Than Helpful Throughout the history of the United States, the atrocity known as animal experimentation has been a recurring social issue.

Every few years an uproar of support or opposition will bring the argument over the viability of animal testing back to the surface. When the benefits of animal experimentation are weighed against the drawbacks, it is evident that the procedure is beneficial.

Accordingly, animal experimentation should not be banned. First, animal experiments should not be banned based on the fact that it has been beneficial to humans and animals.

We will write a custom essay sample on. Free Essay: Beneficial Animal Testing Animal testing has always been plagued with controversy on its ethical issues by animal activist groups and supportive. Read the four main reasons why animals are used in medical research. New medicines require testing because researchers must measure both the beneficial and.

Animal testing is not just restricted to product testing, but goes well beyond that. It is widely used for the development of medical procedures and to gain scientific knowledge. It is widely used for the development of medical procedures and to gain scientific knowledge.

Beneficial animal testing essay
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