Case study of the cliptomania web store

The Santos want Cliptomania to become the first name someone thinks of when looking for non pierced earrings. On Thanksgiving day,traditionally the beginning of the Christmas holiday sales season in the United States, they went live with the Cliptomania store on the Web, operating out of one small room of their home in New Jersey.

The Santos have found an underserved market niche. Some women are so thrilled to find us-they may tell me that they have this problem or that problem and ask which of the earrings will work best for them.

Those who want clip-ons have a very difficult time finding appealing choices. It also takes them out of the business of maintaining the actual underlying hardware and puts the onus on the company who is hosting the site.

In addition to financial transaction processing was the issue of the reliability of such an internet based system as the entire store was based on 4 computers they had in their office along with a laptop that they used as well.

They actually chose Paymentech as the payment processor as they felt they could integrate with them successfully in a quick manner. A different payment processor should be selected as there are many that are now available including PayPal which is reliable, low cost and is the most popular payment processor in the market.

At the time there were many other online retail companies that provided a much better overall web user interface experience but the product and service provided by Cliptomania made all the difference.

Although it sells only clip-on earrings, by June Cliptomania was the fifth largest jewelry store on Yahoo! There are people for whom piercing their ears is against their religious beliefs. Jim had a long-time career in insurance sales that he still continues.

Cliptomania sells nothing but non pierced earrings, and it provides its customers a choice of hundreds of different styles of clip-ons. They decided that if the URL Cliptomania. After 13 months of research I concluded that the Internet was the ideal medium for this type of business.

They concentrate on providing a quality product at a competitive price with outstanding customer service. In addition, a customer relationship application should be implemented to help them track their sales and make repeat sales based on past purchases.

Less than one percent of their customers return any items. For instance, Cliptomania has a very liberal return or exchange policy that allows customers to return or exchange any item within 30 days for any reason without question.

Most people who wear earrings have pierced ears, so stores provide a limited assortment of non pierced earrings. This is a significant problem given the volume of orders they were accepting.

Cliptomania is owned and operated by the Santo family-father Jim, daughter Christy and mother Candy.

This intrigued me, but I knew little about the Internet or jewelry so I started staying up at night and working weekends doing research on jewelry and how to sell via the Internet.

While fraud will always exist the company must work to minimize it to the greatest extent possible. The Santos decided to try to sell clip-ons on the Web, and Candy came up with the name Cliptomania for their new Web store.

One of the major issues they faced with their initial e-business venture was handling financial transactions. Able to assist in various business related questions. Provide your recommendations and analysis. To fix the problems that exist within this small family business we have to look at the fact that the company is successful with very limited resources and deploying the right resources and tools will provide them with a great foundation on which to grow.

In I went out to buy earrings for an anniversary present for Candy, and I could not find a good selection of nice clip-on earrings anywhere. I knew that there must be millions of people in the world who wanted clip-ons and could not find what they wanted, so this appeared to be a great opportunity to sell them on the Internet.

We had not anticipated it, but we approximation that we get some 5 percent of our sales from the cross-dresser and transgender population. BS in Business Administration with honors.

They have worked diligently to give quality, honesty, and friendliness through the Cliptomania Web site. First established as a Yahoo! Due to there are various different types of clip mechanisms, I can often help them out.

And they were able to purchase the URL Cliptomania. Although Jim had hopes that Cliptomania would grow, they expected it to be a sideline activity that they would take care of in their spare time while continuing their regular jobs.Case Study II-5 • The Cliptomania TM Web Store The service was superb!

I am also very pleased with the earrings. They are light, comfortable, and no pinching of my ears.

I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including…

II The Cliptomania TM Web Store The Cliptomania Web Store case study relates how a family was able to overcome online services challenges to launch a successful e-business. The Santo family went from a small room inside their new Jersey home into becoming one of the top online jewelry stores for supplying clip on earrings.

Unit IV Case Study This case study is an analysis of the strategic issues faced by The Cliptomania Web Store in the development and launch of their e-business venture. Cliptomania, LLC, owned and operated by the Santo family, is an e-business that sells clip-on earrings throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins, ).

Cliptomania Web Store Unit IV Case Study This case study is an analysis of the strategic issues faced by The Cliptomania Web Store in the development and launch of their e-business venture.

I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including I need a two page I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including the following listed below and it is due by Tuesday 6 pm est Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in.

Analyze Case Study II "The Cliptomania TMWeb Store" (on pp. in the textbook(attacjed)).

• Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in launching and developing their e-business venture.

Case study of the cliptomania web store
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