Changing landscapes of singapore forgotten landscapes

I merely answered like a checklist to the mini-questions at each checkpoint for our route, so my group scored quite badly for this report B.

It was alright, quite a good book to have, provided you can find the time to read it plus the compulsory readings. Did on Clarke Quay, a nightlife landscape. Dr Kamalini was alright but she always seemed grumpy and so her lectures just kind of fall short as compared to the other 2.

Graded Homework I highly recommend trying to find time to DO the optional essay competition. Just go there for your attendance. The larger group report is about words and requires you to go rather in-depth with the concepts of landscapes that you learn.

You can link how the fact that it is allowed to happen might also show a particular stand from the government in terms of power in creating an inclusive environment. The smaller group field trip report is a reflection of the chosen field trip location of about words.

But how strong or relevant is it this example? Not easy as there is limited time and most of the time will be spent doing discussions within smaller groups.

Semester 1 typically replaces the word field trip report with an essay midterm. Grade I scored an A- for this module. This sem was taught by I believe the best lecturers in Geography. Though I am not a fan of writing essays and reports, I would say that the module itself was quite interesting.

Combining the styles of Herge of Tintin fame and travel graphic novelist Guy Delisle along with archived photographs and personal memories of Singapore, his book shows the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, the old National Theatre and many other spots in a warm, personal light.

Each lecturer will cover their own 3 or 4 topics and set their own essay questions for the finals. Historic Districts and Heritage C 3. Note that I took this in semester 2, but the general structure and testing system of this module might change slightly between semesters as it is taken by different lecturers.

As the project is quite a major component, I would advise you to do this module with friends who you know will do work and can write reports. Tutorials were group discussion and sharing with the class about the worksheet.

Lai Chee Kien, Dr. Changing Landscapes of Singapore Basic Text and assigned readings. General Module Comments Generally, it is difficult for somebody to give you a good comparison review for Singapore Studies modules as each person would usually only take one. If that section only has 1 question, you must do that question.

I advise to run through the concepts available in each chapter spot topics if you wish at your own risk and prepare some generically applicable examples. It is a popular geography-based SS module. As for projects is safer to do something that has ample write-ups.

The photographs from Singapore Archives, PictureSG, old films, recollections by people, interviews, articles, newspapers, research papers, books, maps, et cetera provided useful references to construct a scene from these long-gone landscapes. I did take a lot of notes during lectures so I think that was how I managed to get by.

You can see more of his work here and here. It is an imaginative journey of rediscovery of these landscapes that were lost or are soon to be gone. Overall this feels like social studies in Olevels again, rushing to write enough points for the content of my essays to make it feel decent.

It is an expression of love for the home we grew up in yet at the same time pity for the loss.

Time management for project is smooth as it was due in Week 10 Monday. So you can study for midterms and finish up the project. My aunt and uncle also sold drinks there. Attend and understand all lectures and study all compulsory readings and some supplementary readings will be a great exam strategy.

Various entities propagate it for various intentions perhaps. Why this fascination of places that have been demolished? Hopefully this would help you decide if this is the module for you.

Try to link to as many different concepts as possible to make it generic for various essays. You need to have a lot of literature references to substantiate your points for this report. There were 2 contests held that give additional CA marks to those who did very well.

You do not have to prepare much.Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Old Tensions, New Discoveries. Elaine Lynn-Ee Ho, Chih Yuan Woon and Kamalini Ramdas (Editors) Landscape is not only the visible material surface of places but also refers to ways of interpreting fluid or contested social relations and spatial arrangements.

This illustrator preserves memories of Singapore's ever-changing landscape Lee Xin Li also thinks our obsessive nostalgia is an attempt to find our national identity. 2 years ago. Jul 06,  · I bought the textbook “Changing Landscapes of Singapore, Elaine Lynn–Ee Ho, Chih Yuan Woon and Kamalini Ramdas”.

It was alright, quite a good book to have, provided you can find the time to read it plus the compulsory readings. Changing Landscapes of Singapore illuminates both the social and the physical terrains of modern Singapore.

Geographers use the term landscape to refer to visible surfaces and to the spatial dimension of social relations. Landscapes arise from particular historical circumstances, and in turn help shape social arrangements and possible courses of future development.

Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Forgotten Landscapes Research Paper Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Forgotten Landscapes Past-Year Questions Spatial planning for older people in Singapore reflects that the elderly are largely a “forgotten” group of people in the country.

Changing Landscapes of Singapore discusses these changes from the perspective of lived landscapes which have day-to-day meanings for Singaporeans. It begins with an exploration of the major physical changes resulting from rapid urbanisation and industrialisation and Singapore s attempt to balance the stresses of physical development with the needs of a green agenda.

Changing landscapes of singapore forgotten landscapes
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