Computer ethics syllabus

This course addresses these Student Learning Outcomes campus-wide: Ethics for the Information Age7th edition, by M. The social impact of computers in the world. This is a graduate level course. Send an e-mail to Dr. You may check the calendar here for a list of the dates and presenting orders that have already been chosen.

When using any of the e-mail addresses in this syllabus, remove the word "NOSPAM" from the address it is included to prevent spam robots from collecting usable addresses over the Web. If you cannot be in class for the Mid-term or Final exams e.

Syllabus: CS 3111 Computer Ethics

Participation extends beyond mere attendance. Instructions regarding preparation of homework assignments: Allow fifteen minutes for presentation and five minutes for answering questions. You can view the Computer ethics syllabus of approved topics here: Also includes a bibliography of readings for class, of which many are available online.

The workshops are offered to postdoctoral fellows at Indiana University-Bloomington and are led by Dr. Missing class could seriously affect your grade! Class members will each ask ten other Notre Dame students two questions: The student will be able to describe and distinguish between the various ethical theories which can be used to form the basis of solutions to moral dilemmas in computing.

The syllabus includes a class schedule and readings, a short description of required assignments, and a description of the goals and focus of the course. We will also focus on issues raised by the possible emergence in the future of highly intelligent machines.

Moceyunas has no office on campus. During the last 4 weeks, lecture class periods will be devoted to student presentations. The student will be able to prepare case studies dealing with moral dilemmas related to computing, including appropriate components of the plan described in objective B above.

The course concentrates on the theory and practice of computer ethics. The heading must include: Class members will also answer these two questions themselves. Resource AddedWednesday, September 30, at 1: On most Fridays the class will engage in in-class writing assignments.

Pimple Resource AddedWednesday, September 30, at 1: Only students who miss an exam for university-approved and verifiable reasons will be allowed to take a make-up exam.

This course is intended to give students a chance to reflect on the humanitarian, social, and professional impact of computer technology by focusing on ethical issues faced by and brought about by computing professionals, including those related to networking and the internet, intellectual property, privacy, security, reliability, and liability.The course concentrates on the theory and practice of computer ethics.

CS371 Computer Ethics and Technical Communication

in this syllabus, analyses of computer-related ethics cases from among. Computer Ethics. Syllabus. Course Syllabus Think carefully about the social role of computing and the responsibilities of computer professionals so.

Course Information: COMPUTERS, ETHICS, SOCIETY and HUMAN VALUES CUNY Graduate School and University Center School of Professional Studies. Computer Ethics Definition - Computer ethics deals with the procedures, values and practices that govern the process of consuming computing technology.

This collection includes syllabi from a variety of courses covering links of general interest in the area of computer ethics; Syllabus for Ethics in.

Syllabus; CS Computer Ethics and Technical Communication. Course Section F01 Credits 3 + 0 Prerequisites: COMM or COMM; CS.

Computer ethics syllabus
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