Corruption in india essay for children

Many unemployed educated youth fall prey to corruption. It is one of the various evil practices our country is fighting with. Hence, they take proper care of these hens. Corruption is everywhere in every department whether it hospitals, education, job, government offices, nothing is left of corruption.

Even if people get caught, they are not punished severely for it. Immediate function which needs to be done is to literate the people. Creation of strong Public opinion against corruption Public opinion must be created against corrupt politicians and officers unless people take up cudgels against corruption, no amount of anti corruption measures can succeed.

Corruption Essay for Students in English

The impact of corruption on the quality of public infrastructure is all too clearly visible in towns and cities of India. They want to become millionaire in a short span of time.

So, the government plays a very big role in it. Those who raise their voice against corruption are killed or forced to resign. One of the reasons for rise in crimes is corruption in police administration. Greed results from non-satisfaction.

Corruption in India Essay

But such exposures and trials are rare; often only the smaller fishes get caught. The most blatant recent case of corruption at the highest level is the 2G spectrum scam which forced telecom minister, A. Due to mismanagement and disorganization, there is a weak control on various departments and their working.

We should have single window system and effective O and M machinery for governmental functioning. Commenting on the socio-political consequences of corruption the Supreme Court of India observed that corruption in a civilised society was a disease like cancer. Complex laws and procedures of the government distract common people to get any type of help from government.

Economical crisis leads to unemployment and change in standard of living. It can be helpful to minimize the extent of corruption in Indian administration. Many employer take undue advantage of this situation.

The candidates who win the elections must then be trained to handle various duties and responsibilities assigned to them. Decentralization of Administration Decentralized administration helps to reduce the corruption.

Similarly, dissension among executives when team effort is required results in a poor outcome. Educational institutions are also involved in the corruption and they give seat to those students only who have paid for, whether they are good students with good marks or not.

Lack of Strict Punishment People in our country get away with corrupt practices such as giving and taking bribes, not paying the income tax, following corrupt means to run businesses, etc. This will not only expose the guilty but will also create a fear in the general public.

Films are powerful medium of mass communication. As one of the oldest and most perplexing phenomenon in human society, political corruption exist in every country in the contemporary world and it is not exclusively a problem of developing countries.

A place where everyone works hard and gets what he deserves. The whole system of the country is based on corruption at different levels.

Corruption Essay

As, one negative step of anyone may harm the lives of many people. They do not know the actual meaning of patriotism. This model of corruption was seen in every sphere of activity, right from the sanctioning of loans to giving licenses, even for the booking of railway tickets.Jan 13,  · The latest “demonetization of Rs.

and Rs. notes” by Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India is the step taken by Indian Government to eradicate the black money which is ultimately the outcome of have written the Essay on Demonetization in India/5(9). The demon of corruption has taken a massive shape from horizon to zenith. Right from bribing our children to go to school to our last breathe, almost every citizen of the nation; lives corrupt.

A series of factors burgeon the cause.

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Corruption in India Essay Corruption in India is a Corruption in India is a consequence of a knot. Corruption in India is the main problem since Independence. Former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi once said that,”Only 15 paisa of every rupee spent ever reached the poor for. Nov 25,  · This a blog that provides school essays for children.

My aim is to help all those school kids who need help in writing essays as part of their home work/fresh-air-purifiers.comly people find it cumbersome to sift through countless composition books each time they need to find an essay.

corruption: (Indian context essay) where India.

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Essay on Corruption for school students Akhila Mol The corruption is so rampant in India that is regarded as a land which abounds in political opportunism, avarice, crime, and where everything is possible, but with money and bribe.

free essay on World Water Day ; Short Essay on Rabindranath Tagore; Advertisements: Guidelines. Corruption Free India Essay 5 ( words) Introduction. Corruption prevails in every sector and at every level in the country.

Corrupt means and unfair ways are used to accomplish several big and small tasks by people belonging to the government as well as private sector. This is because people want to make big bucks without much hard work.

Corruption in india essay for children
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