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Basic story line In the preface, the author who is the first person narrator makes the introductory summary of the protagonist who would be the first person narrator in the diaries.

When he sees a dog look at him, he is terrified as if the dog was going to bite and eat him. When the madman recovers, he is not the hero anymore; also he joins others to be one of man-eaters.

The madman could not understand the conspiracy of eating him, so he was suspicious of everyone. Overthrowing the man-eating feudal society is the voice the author tried to make.

Moreover, the detailed plot, including time and place, is not narrated in detail. When he is upset, he has different attitude to other people and even sympathizes with the less fortunate people. However, He does not want the children to be eaten or eat others, so at the end of the story, he makes the appeal: In the story, there is no time order like the traditional Chinese story.

The first part is the preface which is narrated in classical Chinese, and the second is the main story that consists of thirteen diaries narrated in vernacular Chinese.

In the following sections, there will be more detailed discussions on the hidden messages. This kind of setup of narration makes feudal system conflict more vigorous and results in the deep art impression.

This feudal system had to be removed and the change had to take place in China. Man-eating practice is actually a metaphor for feudal system. Even though he tries his best to rise in rebellion, he fails every time. However, other people including both the empowered and the oppressed fail to see the oppressive man-eating nature of the feudal system.

A Madmans Diary by Lu Xun - Essay Example

He carefully observes what happens to him and is very nervous about everything around him. The absurdism of these diaries proves that he is a madman suffering paranoia.

There are several symbolic narrations in the story. In the eyes of Lu Xun, the madman is the hero who plays a better role in the society because only he madman knows the truth and can rise in rebellion. When hearing some women chatting, he thinks that these women are planning to eat him. Also, the story helps us to see the true state of China at that time.

In fact, under the feudal system, everyone had to eat other people. He feels hopeless and despaired.

He realizes that everyone except innocent children have eaten people. The narrator is told that the protagonist is seriously sick and wrote some diaries. Thus, China needed revolution. The protagonist shows the typical symptoms of the paranoia, but his mind is clear.

A Madman's Diary

The symbolism of the story is allegorical Hanan In addition, the story implies that the society is ruled by the feudal system, and people of all the classes have to abide by the same feudal rules. It is difficult for the normal people to realize the point, while the sick madman is sharp in finding the real truth of the man-eating culture and society.

Metaphors, analogs and irony narrations are extensively applied in the story and make texts have multiple meanings. In the preface, Lu Xun uses an ironic technique by narrated in classical Chinese in order to show a false and polite world made by cannibalistic feudal society.Lu Xun: Diary of a Madman Using ideas from two different original works.

Discuss how these two works express freedom between the individual and the state or culture. The thesis that you select to argue regarding the question of nationalism is of your own making.

YOU select the exact focus for your major thesis Continue reading "Lu Xun:.

The Diary of a Madman

The Diary of a Madman: Madness and its Ability to Explain Reality. In a work of literature, anytime a character is deemed “mad,” we should be skeptical. Starting an essay on Nikolai Gogol's The Diary of a Madman?

Organize your thoughts and more at our handy-dandy Shmoop Writing Lab. A Madman's Diary “A Madman’s Diary” is China’s first modern short story - A Madman's Diary introduction. The author Lu Xun has been well respected and regarded as one of the most well-known political figures in China (Goldman ).

Diary of a Madman by Lu Xun essaysThe meager image depicted by Lu Xun's "Diary of a Madman" projects an illustration of society that stresses submission to authority and the ultimate compliance to tradition.

The story offers an ironic look at. The Diary of a Madman Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

Essay diary madman
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