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Moreover, people now are striving to earn more income in order to afford things that are more expensive and branded. This means give examples based on your explanation. What is the question about? Do you know about Plastic surgery?

Therefore, while friends can stand by us in our time of need, pristine health is still the most valuable asset in our lives. Secondly, the growing trend of electronic communications is making it possible for a borderless communication which is vital these days. Band 4 or Thus, when people consider friendship to be the most valuable thing in life, more often than not they may come from a troubled household.

First and foremost, each individual is affected by materialism to some extent in this day and age because hedonism is becoming an uprising trend. For example, international artists who have planned to do a world concert can inform their fans about it through their Facebook account.

This is due to the fact that the boundaries that separate each country becomes less relevant when information is transferred without limitations. Based on the question, explain what the issue is and give a brief background of its past and present.

In conclusion, there is a clear trend towards using the library more as students move towards post-graduation. You need to manage you time and motivation level.

MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback

Secondly, we are no one without our family as indeed blood is thicker than water. You need to practice expressing your thoughts, views, opinion, ideas in writing on paper, in the most coherent manner and with suitable vocabulary. For instance, an e-mail only requires us to turn on our laptops, open our accounts on the website and then, you can start write your letter and send them through e-mails.

You really want to pursue tertiary education or in some cases, Essay for muet test from university. How to cite this page Choose cite format: As time goes by, the world is changing rapidly; so are its people and the technology itself. You should write at least words. Take for example, if an individual has set his principles to do good, then no amount of friendship especially negative influence from friends, can shake his hold on his principles and cause him to commit undesirable deeds like smoking, stealing, raping, murdering and others.

How do these work? What should you do?Dec 11,  · 4 Simple Steps: How to answer MUET Writing Task 1? Step 1: Read the question and instructions carefully. What is the question about?

How many words required and how much time do you have? Step 2: Plan your essay. Label the charts for easy reference and make notes on the charts. There are 3 pie charts, you MUST compare them.

Malaysian University English Test (MUET) became a widely implemented tool for language proficiency estimation inand it was initially conducted by Malaysian Examinations Council.

In a nutshell, it is a method to estimate each candidate’s English language expertise and proficiency. Jan 02,  · MUET Writing Question 2 sample answers for word academic essay Below are 4 samples of good essays Band 4 or 5 Band 6 essays will demonstrate a much better command of linguistic fluency and accuracy as well as show more mature and critical thinking skills.

The MUET writing test requires students to transfer information from a non-linear source to a linear text, as well as to write an essay of at least words on a given topic.

Exam paper code: /4 Exam duration: 90 minutes Total weightage: 25%. The MUET writing test is to access candidates on their ability to: 1. Transfer information. 2. see more:muet speaking sample answer.

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Muet Speaking – Question & Answer ; Muet preparation ; Top 5 Essay Topics and Tips How to Be Original. * Past Year Questions MUET Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Paper 4 (writing) You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this task.

* Mid Year are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this task.

Essay for muet test
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