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However, this will increase the flexibility for the company and the company can hire new labor if demand unexpectedly goes high. Tight credit will affect the company operations, as it will be unable to meet most of its production.

FoldRite Furniture Company: Planning to Meet a Surge in Demand

Moreover, the laid off workers will require unemployment insurance payment. Chasing the demand- Hiring and Firing The second option that is under consideration is that the company will adopt the strategy to chase the demand and increase or decrease resources as per need. If this threat materializes, the company will have no option, but to seek credit.

Subcontracting Being Foldrite furniture case to subcontract skilled workers in the production of GreenComfort chairs allows the company to free more skilled workers to meet the extra production goals.

FoldRite Furniture Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Foldrite furniture case the existing workers were made to work overtime, the company would need 45 skilled workers in April and 91 in May. The company had to optimize its resources while meeting product quality standards and delivery schedules and identify the strategy that would best allow it to meet the unexpected demand.

The adverse results of such overtime will be that the overtime pay is one and a half of the original paywhich includes benefits, therefore it is more expensive to make workers to workovertime.

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So, in order Foldrite furniture case meet the demand, the company will still have to hire 23 new skilled workers and additionally, hire and supervise 25 new unskilled workers during that month.

Much of the working capital will be stuck in the excess inventory maintained. However, hiring new workers may be a sustainable approach, since the corporate executives credited the change in demand to new strategic developments and it The overtime might result in low morale and motivation level, which will result in less productivity.

Moreover, there is a risk that if due to uncertain event the demand falls unexpectedly, then it will be difficult for the company to put its excess inventory on the market.

Hiring new workers is too costly in the event that the expected demand levels fall back to their original levels, because the firm would have to fire a large amount of excess labor.

Following options are available: The qualitative negative effects will be the reduction in motivation and subsequently compromised quality and efficiency in production.

Foldrite Furniture Company

Michelle Gorrio Objective To identify the best strategy for FoldRite to meet its need for extra production and labor during the March-August timeframe, and to analyze how to effectively implement it.

There will be extra administrative and recruitment costs for hiring new employees. As discussed earlier, the new hiring and then laying off after the peak season will impact adversely on the motivation of the other employees which led to less productivity.

The hired labor will not be fully productive until four weeks. The benefits of this strategy includes relief for the workforce, they will not be required to work over time, they will not lose motivation while there will be no hiring and firing of new labor as well.

The company will achieve in getting high motivated employees, thus the other option such as hiring and firing might involve the de motivation among the staff as they will feel their job are less secured. The company will have to pay high cost for overtime hours worked. This will give the company flexibility in its operations as the overtime hours can be managed as per demand basis.

FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution & Answer

The total labor hours needed for the production of GreenComfort arewith 31, skilled hours and 74, unskilled hours. Hiring and firing The company is also considering hiring new labor as per demand and this new hire will be lay off when demand normalize.

The labor will be hired as per the demand unlike option 1 that is limited to a certain limit maximum overtime hours. The probability of this threat is medium, as it will only occur if more workers are hired and expected increase in demand does not materialize.

The expected increase in demand is highly likely to occur, especially because of the outdoor event supplier. The only change in this option will be the increase in inventory level.

If the demand increases beyond expectation, then new labor can be hired accordingly. The company will be able to meet the demand and production process will beranas per normal schedule. Unskilled labor might need four paid weeks training to become skilled. The employees would have to work for longer shifts, and their off days would be reduced.

The hired employees might not be efficient as well. The company will increase the inventory level for finished goods and this increased level will help it to meet the increased demand in coming months.

It can have an increased number of labor hours, which can be used as per need basis.FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution,FoldRite Furniture Company Case Analysis, FoldRite Furniture Company Case Study Solution, FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution Introduction FoldRite Furniture Company was established inin Colorado.

The company started with the product. FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution, FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution Moreover, the lead time to make a deliver was reduced to 2 weeks and this helped the company to receive more order. FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution, FoldRite Furniture Company Case Solution A benefit of such an initiative will be that the company will be able to meet the demand.

It can have an increased. Demand for folding and stackable chairs and tables at FoldRite Furniture Co. is unexpectedly strong. The company spent the previous two years improving manufacturing quality and efficiency, dropping poor-performing product lines, developing new products that are stylish and environmentally friendly, and instituting a program that allows customers to customize their orders and still get.

FoldRite Furniture Company: Planning to Meet a Surge in Demand (Brief Case) Case in a coursepack, they will also have the option to purchase an audio for folding and stackable.

Joseph Joy Section 6 Gary Bissonette Foldrite Furniture Case. Thus it is critical that our delivery times and high quality standards are met.

Foldrite Furniture Case Analysis&nbspCase Study

followed by having overtime workers and lastly the most expensive option would be hiring new February To: Martin Kelsey.1/5(2).

Foldrite furniture case
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