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The residences of the Inner Court on the other hand are arranged in groups of six — the shape of the Kun triagram, representing the Earth. As a result, its 10th statuette, called a "Hangshi", or "ranked tenth" Chinese: Similar designs can be found throughout the Imperial City.

Inan ordinance relating to building height and planning restriction was renewed to establish the Imperial City area and the northern city area as a buffer zone for the Forbidden City. In between them was the Hall of Union, where the Yin and Yang mixed to produce harmony.

From the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor, the Empress moved out of the Palace. At the same time, the native Chinese Taoist religion continued to have an important role throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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In the Ming dynasty, it was the residence of the Emperor. Above the throne hangs a tablet reading "Justice and Honour" Chinese: Thus almost all roofs in the Forbidden City bear yellow glazed tiles.

A number of temples and shrines were scattered throughout the Inner Court, including that of Tibetan Buddhism or Lamaism. It mirrors the set-up of the Forbidden City proper and features an "outer court", an "inner court", and gardens and temples. They are the Upright Gate Chinese: Buddhist iconography also proliferated in the interior decorations of many buildings.

There are only two exceptions. In the last decades of the Qing dynasty, empresses dowager, including Cixi, held court from the eastern partition of the hall. Some noted examples of symbolic designs include: The Hall of Supreme Harmony has 10, the only building in the country to be permitted this in Imperial times.

Originally a minor palace, this became the de facto residence and office of the Emperor starting from Yongzheng. Yellow is the color of the Emperor. To the north-west lies Beihai Parkalso centred on a lake connected to the southern two, and a popular royal park.

Located around the Hall of Mental Cultivation are the offices of the Grand Council and other key government bodies. Religion was an important part of life for the imperial court. While development is now tightly controlled in the vicinity of the Forbidden City, throughout the past century uncontrolled and sometimes politically motivated demolition and reconstruction has changed the character of the areas surrounding the Forbidden City.

Storage areas are placed in the front part of the palace complex, and residences in the back. In the Ming dynasty, it was the residence of the Empress. There were two Taoist shrines, one in the imperial garden and another in the central area of the Inner Court.

Stored here are the 25 Imperial Seals of the Qing dynasty, as well as other ceremonial items.

Sincethe Beijing municipal government has worked to evict governmental and military institutions occupying some historical buildings, and has established a park around the remaining parts of the Imperial City wall.

It housed a large number of Buddhist statues, icons, and mandalasplaced in ritualistic arrangements. It is connected to the Gate of Heavenly Purity to its south by a raised walkway. Relatively small, and compact in design, the garden nevertheless contains several elaborate landscaping features.

Thus, ancestral temples are in front of the palace.

To the north is Jingshan Parkalso known as Prospect Hill, an artificial hill created from the soil excavated to build the moat and from nearby lakes.

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