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According to egoism, Ford officials are only obliged to do whatever best promotes their own interests.

Ethics the Ford Pinto Case Offers an&nbspEssay

The shareholders place their trust in the corporate heads of the company to maximize their dividends. Cost-benefit analysis is a legitimate tool, which determines the best course of action by comparing the costs and benefits generated through a particular situation. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Readings and Cases in Corporate Morality. An engineer could operate under the same flawed assumptions as Iacocca to assume that maximizing happiness meant retaining the supremacy of American automobile manufacturers and staving off the threat of foreign competitors.

Iacocca Executive Vice President made the decision to move on with the production of the Pinto because he felt the studies conducted under the supervision of Mr. Consequently, customers own the rights to expect the vehicles to function accordingly.

There were some ground rules that manifested the ethical dilemmas that the Ford Pinto was then faced with. Everyone that was involved with the Ford Pinto dilemmas faced deontological ethics.

Ford Pinto Case [PowerPoint slides]. From the unprecedented project schedule to the limits ofthese edicts created serious business risks that could not be overcome. Although the Pinto passed the NHTSA test, Ford officials knew that the Pinto was prone to catch fire when struck from the rear, even in low-speed collisions, thus it was unsafe to drive the car without any technical improvements implemented.

An engineer who worked on the Pinto design as cited in Craig,para. A utilitarian decision is made on the basis of creating the greatest good for the greatest number of people, or maximizing happiness for the greatest number of people.

The future is what costs them. The stakeholders in the Ford Pinto case include all consumers of the automobile.

In doing so, their actions could be viewed as teleology. If shareholders are happy, then Iacocca was doing his job well.

A Utilitarian Argument in the Ford Pinto Case Essay

The personal was that the engineers knew the Ford Pinto was not a safe car. When people die as a result of a known manufacturing defect, the whole country suffers.Free Essay: The Ethical Dilemma in the Ford Pinto Case On August 10, three young girls died in a Ford Pinto after being stuck from the rear by a.

HOME Free Essays A Utilitarian Argument in the Ford essay sample on A Utilitarian Argument in the Ford Pinto Case Ford Pinto.” Business Ethics. Ford Pinto Case: The Invisible Corporate Human Pricetag In this essay, I will argue that Ford Motor Company’s business behavior was unethical as demonstrated.

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Ford Pinto Ethics Case Analysis Essay Sample

The Ford Pinto - Business Ethics Case Study. CASE THE FORD PINTO Discussion Questions /4(1). Ford Pinto Essay Utilitarian Evaluation of Ford Pinto Case Utilitarian approach is based on simple cost-benefit analysis of each individual issue.

Home Essays Ford Pinto- Ethics. Current Ethical Issues in Business: The Ford Pinto Fires In earlythe Ford Motor Company decided to take on the foreign car.

Ford pinto ethics essays
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