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Houston Chronicle Reporter Resigns After Allegedly Making Up Sources

The family moved to Houston in Linda Schaible The paper employs nearly 2, people, including approximately journalists and bloggers. Dan Brennan Audience development and planning: Jones era[ edit ] InJesse H. He held several positions in the Jones business empire. InFoster asked Jesse H.

Jones hired William P.

Houston Chronicle reporter accused of faking sources resigns

Carlos Antonio Rios, a Chronicle photographer sincehas repeatedly been honored for his photojournalism by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Murphy was a longtime Chronicle officer. Inthe business pages — which up until then had been combined with sports — became its own section of the newspaper.

A newspaper which can be neither bought nor bullied is the greatest asset of a city or state. The Atlantic Monthly credited the growth to the changes instigated by Steven.

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On September 2,Jones made a late-night visit to the Steven home, where he broke the news that the Endowment board had ordered him to dismiss Steven.

But more than political philosophy was involved: Jones retained the title of publisher until his death in At the end of its first month in operation, the Chronicle had a circulation of 4, — roughly one tenth of the population of Houston at the time.

Houston Post staff wrote an article about the change, but top management killed it. People[ edit ] Jack Sweeney is the publisher of the Houston Chronicle and chairman of the executive team, John McKeon is the president of the newspaper.

The presenter, Janis Goldstein, said the award was given "because the Houston Chronicle embraces the causes most dear to it with a depth and scope that goes well beyond what is expected. The Scope of Journalism While there is some controversy about exactly what is journalism, a "journalist" is somebody who gathers and disseminates information on public affairs, usually for a periodical publication, a news broadcast, or for some electronic form of distribution.

With the rise of online journalism comes the importance of computer skills for journalists, so modern reporters need to know how to use multimedia software and editing equipment.About this Author. Paul Takahashi is a business reporter for the Houston Chronicle.

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Houston chronicle business reporter
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