I know what you did last summer book report

Barry claims that no one can know, and as the three discuss that fateful night, Barry recalls how Max drove by, and he was the only person there that night. More sinister and imaginative is how Duncan keeps the teenagers alive. To comfort Megan, Julie reveals that she lost her own father at a young age.

Then Julie asks Ray why Bud never tried to hurt him, and Ray answers: Last summer, for instance, there had been a time when she could have sworn that she felt something terrible approaching. She makes a friend with a handsome new neighbor named Collie but comes close to falling apart when Barry is lured away from his frat house by a telephone call and shot.

So they party and get drunk and go to an isolated beach by their town. How is background music used to heighten scenes in other genres, such as Westerns, comedies, and war movies?

Julie then decides to tell Ray who is working down by the docks. Ben has set the boat adrift and intends to kill Julie, who leads him on a cat-and-mouse chase through the ship.

Returning to the showers, the hot water has caused the room to steam up. Since Ray is the only one of them that is sober, he is tasked with driving them back home. This is a thriller where I was able to feel empathy not only with the protagonists, but their tormentor, who unlike the boogeyman in the derivative slasher film and its sequels, inflicts psychic violence as opposed to mostly physical.

During the parade, Barry keeps an eye out for the killer, but notices that there are several people wearing the dark rain slickers running about. Fearing the same thing as before, Julie is relieved to find that it is an invitation to a pool party. Julie panics, thinking that Ray may actually be the murderer and takes off running, only to be chased by Ray before a fisherman stops him, and puts her onto his boat.

Ray and Julie were in the back seat making out. Barry suspects it came from a much-disliked schoolmate who had encountered them that grim night, and he tries to intimidate the kid with bullying. Julie then figures it out: He says that he was getting robbed.

Barry gets a phone call one evening. Now, having received the note, Julie fearfully visits Helen. His ability to walk again in doubt, Barry claims that the phone call came from Helen, who denies this. After this encounter, she finds a magazine cutout of a boy riding a bicycle taped to her apartment door.

But then this suspect turns up murdered himself -- just the opening of a series of stalkings and killings.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Summary & Study Guide

Julie, Helen, and Barry confront Ray about the recent events, which Barry thinks that Ray is behind it. Helen is suntanning at her luxury-apartment complex, the Four Seasons, when she meets Collingsworth "Collie" Wilson, just out of the army.

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan - review

When the paramedics come, Bud is arrested for attempted murder. How is the element of surprise a crucial feature of horror movies? They decide that there is nothing they can do for the boy so they do not go back to him.All of them had been out for a good time. And when it happened, it had seemed better to drive off and leave someone else to sort it out.

'No one will ever know,' they said.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

But now somebody does know. Somebody who will go to any lengths to get revenge I enjoyed this book very, very much. In I know what you did last summer, the four main characters, Ray, Barry, Helen, Julie find themselves in a rather horrifying accident.

The four college kids are driving late at night and they accidentally hit a young boy, who was crossing the street at that time/5.

He was the foursome's hit-and-run victim last summer. The book goes into Ray's memory in which his father commented on Ray's popular football friend Barry (and the first time Ray's father met Barry) and cheerleader girlfriend fresh-air-purifiers.com: Lois Duncan.

The mysterious clues come in a year after the accident. Julie gets a nondescript letter in the mail with only seven words on it that says, "I know what you did last summer." Then Helen finds a picture of a boy on a bike ripped from a magazine advertisement of some sort, taped to her apartment door.

A year later, they all try to settle down again, but one of the friends receives a note in the post, with the words 'I know what you did last summer'.

As each of the friends gains their own reminder, they finally accept the one thing they feared the most; someone knows what happened that night, and now they're out for revenge.

Julie receives a haunting, anonymous threat: "I know what you did last summer." The dark lie is unearthed, and before the four friends know it they need to outsmart a 4/5().

I know what you did last summer book report
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