Information security awareness thesis

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Information Security Awareness Thesis

You forgot to provide an Email Address. In this study information security awareness training is realized. That is exactly what we did for our current library subscribers! This email address is already registered. For that reason, we have developed our Security Awareness Library.

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This dissertation investigates the effectiveness of various security Where does that begin? The negative consequences for the companies involved make us all realize it is crucial to protect information. Eight short microlearning security awareness topics are included.

More on this topic. Three different types of e-learning are included as well as our One Minute Security Flash awareness videos. Improving current research and practice Ashenden, DM; Information security awareness: Please check the box if you want to proceed. Besides the two new in-depth modules, four new security awareness videos have been developed and added to the Security Awareness Library.

Information Security awareness initiatives are seen as critical to any information security programme. Department of Computer Science Master thesis, Lulea. Understanding and Measuring Information Security Despite the number of case occurred in information security breaches, especially at You may also know this as the forgetting curve.

Here are some suggestions for you:Ashenden, DM; () Information security awareness: Improving current research and practice. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Full text not available from this repository.

Abstract. A DESIGN THEORY FOR INFORMATION SECURITY AWARENESS FACULTY OF SCIENCE, DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION PROCESSING SCIENCE, Puhakainen, Petri, A design theory for information security awareness Faculty of Science, Department of Information Processing Science, University of Oulu, The research question of this thesis is to explore how IS.

Six new topics included in the Security Awareness Library

A Framework for Information Security Awareness Programs Volume XI, No. 1, Issues in Information Systems collectively accounting for approximately 75% of the. Good topics for information security thesis.

Share this item with your network: * How do you educate employees for security awareness? Where does that begin? How does a resource starved. Measuring the Effectiveness of Information Security Awareness Program Ilirjana Veseli Master’s Thesis Master of Science in Information Security.

Besides the two new in-depth modules, four new security awareness videos have been developed and added to the Security Awareness Library.

New topics are social engineering, access control, social media & working in the cloud and information classification.

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Information security awareness thesis
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