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As well as analysing ads themselves, we will also learn how to test out our intuitions about them, by investigating how the words, structures and visuals used in the ads are employed in other kinds of texts. The module will also discuss how digital technologies have changed how people read and write and what role digital technologies play in schools.

Students will learn how to describe the acoustic properties of speech and acquire competence in carrying out particular forms of acoustic analysis.

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How do people evaluate different voices and accents? How does our knowledge of language influence what we hear? The Shakespeare Programme The Shakespeare Programme aims to further research on the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries male and female with reference to literary theory and to performance.

The module introduces students to different understandings of what literacy is and how it can be taught. We will learn about vocal anatomy and physiology, including the oral cavity, the larynx, and the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the tongue.

Literacy and Education This module focuses on the role of literacy in relation to education. Essay length cheats photo essay racism. The Shakespeare Programme also coordinates postgraduates pursuing MPhil and PhD degree research in early modern studies, as well as providing enhanced opportunities for study, including workshops, theatre visits and interdisciplinary research projects.

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The topics we will cover will respond to your own project ideas and interests, but may include: Dissertation on employee retention quotes college cover page for essays pan africanism essay writer. Gender, ethnicity and class This course is about sociolinguistics, and in particular about how language relates to identities at different levels — for example, how individuals use language to signal their membership of particular social groups, and how different kinds of social groupings — for example peer groups, communities and nations — identify themselves through language.

Does the language we speak affect the way we think? We will look at a wide span of educational contexts, as we examine language and learning from the early years of schooling to looking at talk in tertiary education. Students will be encouraged to consider their own work as part of a larger, ongoing literary conversation about place, and to explore those places and landscapes that interest and excite them.

In this course, we will learn how to take ads apart using tools taken from linguistics, rhetoric, and semiotics. Lancaster university english language and creative writing Change in English and Beyond This module introduces students to the study of language change.

In particular, it will look at corpus linguistics - a research specialism at Lancaster University - and its application to areas such as the description of English grammar. The second half of the course will cover acoustic phonetics and the ways in which we can represent and analyse sounds using computers.

Writing place and landscape Course Outline: Topics in Professional Communication This module introduces some key areas in which language study and social science studies of interaction can help us understand practices in a range of workplaces.

This course will be of particular interest to those students who are curious about language and education, or who are considering working in educational contexts. Students will develop the key skills introduced at Part I level and in the first year of Part II with an emphasis on writing as process, exploring creative voice, identifying point of view, the implied author and authorial guises and considering the creative and interactive nature of reading.

This course is then developed by the third year specialization in short fiction. By the end of the course, you should have a good knowledge of the basic principles, notions and structures of Cognitive Linguistics, particularly of Cognitive Grammar.

Personal research interests are currently in such areas as Romantic Mountains; Romantic place and space; mapping of literary spaces as well as a continuing interest in Wordsworth and the Literary Lake District. The first part of the course will cover the initiation, articulation and transcription of speech.

What kind of teacher questions and responses promote greater learning opportunities? Through seminar discussion of set texts, the workshopping of creative writing in progress and the writing of synopses and other planning documents, students will develop competence in approaching a long fiction project.

The journal will form the basis of the reflective element of your final portfolio.Find out about English Language and Creative Writing at Lancaster University, including entry requirements, fees and how to apply. Find more information about English Language and Creative Writing BA (Hons) course at Lancaster University, including course fees, module information and entry requirements.

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English language and creative writing lancaster university. Child Growth & Development- An Educational Program on CareWorld TV. Find Creative Writing Degree courses at Lancaster University.

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