Lets start paying college athletes essay

At the time the reward is worth the risk they are taking. There are many other cases happening across the country that no one knows about. They took the nation by storm and soon Michigan merchandise was flying off the shelf.

Hire Writer By the time they are done with the second practice of the day their day is practically over. There are many ideas and plans that can be put in place to give some sort of compensation. If you are an athlete like Johnny Manziel, who comes from a rich oil family, money comes easily and is not a concern.

Jalen Rose came from a rough neighborhood in Detroit, so he fell into the category of the struggling college athlete. With all the revenue they bring the school there needs to be a system in place to give a kickback to the athletes. Many will argue that college athletes do not need to be compensated because they are student-athletes; and the key word for them is student.

It is well documented in the ESPN film The Fab Five; all five wondered why they were not seeing any dividends from all the merchandise being sold. Scandals are not new to college sports. Michigan became the first school to ever start five freshman in a college basketball game.

Student athletes will not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. It is interesting how Foster came out and said how he felt that it was not a big deal and that he did not think he was doing anything wrong.

The first element to his plan is to create a modified free agent market for players where colleges can offer contracts to players during recruiting to try to lure them to play for their university. It also raises the question of how these athletes obtain extra spending money? The workers are supposed to be content with a scholarship that does not even cover the full cost of attending college.

I had to either pay the rent or buy some food. He states that it is not just professional athletes who face severe health risks and repercussions from their playing days.

Let’s Not Pay College Athletes

College sports have evolved into much more than just an extracurricular activity, and it is time for the world to recognize it as the huge commercial business that it is. With a 6 year scholarship, it would give them an opportunity to have an extra two years to really focus on their education to prepare them for life after college and set them up for success in the real world.

Also, with the financial scandals and NCAA rule violations cropping up more and more frequently something must be done. There are many other arguments used but a common one is paying college athletes will not eliminate scandals.

Let's Start Paying College Athletes - Essay Example

He would fall into a large percent of college athletes that feel it is unfair for them to not see anything from all the revenue they bring in. The downside to this is that an injury can end their career before it even starts; and those that did not obtain their degree will struggle to find a source of income if they are forced to quit or retire from their sport.

It is up to the NCAA and the schools to come up with a system and stick by it.

Argument for Paying College Athletes Essay

The athletes know they are making money for the athletic department and the NCAA, and they feel they should be compensated for the amount of money they are generating. However, Nocera takes it a little farther than merely paying college athletes.

He has won three John Hancock awards for excellence in business journalism, and was a Pulitzer finalist in He claims that lifetime health insurance should be provided for anyone who plays at least 2 years of college football.

The second and third elements of his plan are a minimum salary and at the same time a salary cap so that players could not be paid too much. The fourth element is allowing 6 year scholarships to even after a 4 year playing career, athletes that do not go on to the pros can get a legitimate degree that will provide them with opportunities after college.

Those on an athletic scholarship at Duke are receiving a high quality education and are paying practically nothing for it. Most college athletes will not turn professional and therefore will need the degree from whatever school they attend to obtain a job after graduation.

College athletes can observe while walking to class or on the field students wearing jerseys with their name and number on them. A four-year scholarship will cover everything a student-athlete needs. None of the Fab Five saw any compensation and when they took notice of what was happening they started to question why.

Let’s Start Paying College Athletes

This leaves no time to get even a part-time job. While it may be seen as radical he claims that he feels it could solve the paying players issue as well as addressing other pressing issues in college athletics.

The final element that Nocera would incorporate is lifetime health insurance for college athletes.The NCAA is a million dollar business that lets student athletes show their athletic Start Paying College Athletes”) color rating or essay length.

“Let’s Start Paying College Athletes”

This paper focuses on outlining the colleges should start paying students who participate in sports and the underlying issues within college sports.

The auth. Free Essay: When deciding to play a sport in college that sport essentially becomes ones main focus. It is trusted by the school that they are being given. Rhetorical Situation; "Let's Start Paying College Athletes" There are many statistics through out the article showing that college athletes should get.

Some say that paying college athletes will make professional sports they should get paid I am also writing an essay based on this against paying them. Howard P. Chudacoff makes the argument against paying college athletes. Yes, major sports at big-time colleges like Alabama, Let’s Not Pay College Athletes.

Lets start paying college athletes essay
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