Living together before marriage argument essay

Marriage alters the mind, and what once was fake now is real. Today there are many couples that are choosing to live together before marriage. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Another reason why cohabitating can be dangerous is the slight chance the woman may become pregnant.

Studies consistently show that married people are generally physically healthier, happier, live longer, enjoy better mental health, more satisfied and less prone to physical violence. I strongly believe that it is indeed important for couples to live together before marriage.

Children born out-of-wedlock are often subjected to unstable environments. Should you live with someone before getting married? A marriage is when two become one, a reading from the book, One Flame.

Marriage will be beautiful, special events in your life, regardless of whether you live together or not.

Living Together Before Getting Married

Cohabitating before marriage also gives the couple the chance to determine before the marriage how the household finances will be handled. The couple may not be ready, but they have been placed in a situation where they were rushed.

I think it also shows a fear of commitment and stability to the person or persons in a relationship. People engaged in this activity to promote the customs, traditions and family values. Living together before marriage is definitely a necessity! Although people that are living together before marriage is frowned upon, I believe that in order to have a successful marriage and in order to truly determine whether or not you could be committed to one person for the rest Living together before marriage argument essay your life you need to live with them.

Living Together Before Marriage Essay

One of the most obvious ways of improving the health and welfare of the population in the world is to encourage and support the idea of marriage. Does he or she push the tooth paste tube from the bottom or the top? If a pregnancy were to occur, then the couple may feel obligated to get married, if not for themselves for their child.

This shows ignorance and immaturity of these types of people. Cohabitating before marriage is the very source that diminishes the meaning of marriage: This way they have announced their marriage and are committed to a date. Marriage is a life where even the smallest decisions affect the two, not one.

In the event they are not compatible, many see living together before marriage as a lower risk as if the relationship fails breaking up is considered easier than divorce. If cohabitation is inevitable before marriage, then the couple should at least be engaged. You will get to see the good, ugly, and the bad at once so you can make a better decision that can handle a life time with the person you chosen.

A marriage out of convenience or inconvenience is never a good one, the marriage is contaminated and doomed before it starts. Choosing to live together before marriage lets you know sooner than later if the person that you are in love with loves you the same way you love them.

From practicing family values and giving the child attention while enforcing discipline, manners, and respect which will really help set positive examples for your child to live by.

Some advantages are getting to know your partner and seeing how they interact with their family. It also allows both parties to save for other financial goals, such as investments, savings or spending the funds on the wedding.

This offers a stable relationship with both parents for instance; showing your child love by kissing them and showing affection, nurturing them, and teaching them right from wrong.

This financial contract between two people who think, that they love each other, but one day discover that the money that they are united over the years is all that is left of their share in total.

The perspective is very similar to a real marriage, it enables you to make decisions together and has a sense of oneness.

Argumentative Essay On Living Together V/S Marriage

Setting a routine for you and your partner by washing clothes every week instead of waiting every two weeks is a plus so you clothes wont pile up, fixing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What are the benefits of marriage vs. Cohabitating before marriage can be dangerous, however, there are a few precautions that may be taken to avoid problems in the future.

Avoiding cohabitation may not only save a marriage, but may also increase your marriages overall lifestyle.

Living together before marriage Essay

It is a responsible and reasonable decision for a couple to cohabitate before making the life changing decision to marry. There are many advantages in living together before getting married.

Alcoholism According to scientists, research has consistently found more alcoholism and problem drinking among the unmarried than married Hunt Hof Is staying with your significant other wrong? Cohabitating before marriage can save a person from an unhappy, unhealthy marriage.

Also religion can have a great impact on couples for instance; there have been situations where one member of the couple may be more religious than the other.

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There is a significant increase in poverty for cohabitating parents.The "Myth" that living together before marriage is a horrible thing to do has forced many to jump into something that is not meant to be. If more people could take this opportunity, it may make living easier, keep anxiety levels lower and/or save money and time.

Living together before marriage also eliminates a lot of time wasting. While living together without the commitment and legal bond of marriage people can also assess if they are both working towards the same goals and also assess the compatibility of themselves in an intimate relationship/5(6).

Living together before marriage is a wonderful way to begin a relationship that may lead to marriage.

In the past, it was considered scandalous for a couple to live together before marriage, however, in today’s society it is a necessity. Living Together Before Marriage Essay - Living Together Before Marriage As the rate of divorce soars and as increasing numbers of marriages disintegrate, living together has become the popular alternative to many people in north America.

Expersts estimate that "roughly million people are currently sharing bed and board in a live-in. Living Together Before Getting Married. Autor: Marry • June 29, • Essay • 1, Words Although people that are living together before marriage is frowned upon, I believe that in order to have a successful marriage and in order to truly determine whether or not you could be committed to one person for the rest of your life you 4/4(1).

Either love or attachment plays a vital role in it. But the main concept of men and women living together before marriage is considered as a sin in some religions, or most religions.

Staff, Patch. "Study Reported by CDC Reveals More People Now Live Together Before Marriage." 5 April If you are the original writer of this essay and.

Living together before marriage argument essay
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