Michael jackson often imitated never duplicated

You can see his influence in the dance moves—the syncopated choreography—that a lot of young artists use. You will live on forever! Check out nine artists who are keeping M. This performer reminded fans of a younger Jackson, the Michael we know from "Beat It" and "Thriller," who wore leather zip-ups and had snappy moves.

So many artists are motivated and influence by Michael Jackson that a lot of them even imitate him 25 years after the Thriller album. Chris Brown is another pop artist that is known for his dance as much as his music. Yes, Mars has the voice and the dancing that clearly shows M.

I love Stevie Wonder…Al Green. One that you might not know that was influenced by Michael Jackson is Ginuwine. Some have tried, but none have succeeded on a Michael Jackson level.

Um, need we say more? This made the Moonwalk tremendously popular and notorious worldwide along with the robot that he was famous for.

And we wonder who Bieber learned those dance moves from? Justin Timberlake is not the only artist that is influenced by Michael Jackson. The young pop singer was quickly reminiscent of Jackson once he began moonwalking and grabbing a handful of his junk on stage like it was his business. His dance moves have been imitated in just about everyway from music videos to TV ads.

As we all know, J. Various pop artists of today like Fergie, Akon, Will I Am, and more will redo the original songs on the 25th anniversary album.

From her fedoras to her choreography, Brit-Brit also evinced some Jackson inspiration through her work. And a lot of them have picked up his work ethic. His Thriller album was accepted by the United States as a National treasure, not many music artists can say that.

I almost lost it at that point.

Joe Jackson reminiscing about his son

If you were to imitate an artist why not Michael Jackson, he has been accepted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame twice, as solo artist and for the work in the Jackson Five.

The pop princess had always praised Michael Jackson and even got to share the stage with him before his passing. Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown and Ginuwine are a few of the many that will be used to show how much influence Michael Jackson has had on the pop music of the 21st Century.

Everyone stood in front of a mirror to see if they could do the Robot or told someone to watch me as they did the moonwalk.

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

His style of dance has been recreated in so many ways from other music artist actually imitating him to taking his style and trying to make it their own. Just another example of how Michael Jackson has influenced pop artist both male and female. The imitation runs deeper than just song and dance.

At least two of those things were inspired by Jackson. Justin Timberlake has been known to dance like Michael Jackson in his concerts and videos, even wearing a fedora like Michael Jackson. He has influenced so many artists to become the successes they are today and will continue to influence the music of tomorrow.

He has the largest selling record of all times; selling more than 40 million copies, double diamond in the United States, not platinum, but diamond. Michael has influenced so many artists, some of whom are picking up on the grandeur and showmanship of his live performances.

Why would any artist imitate, emulate or even use Michael Jackson as an Inspiration? Which has brought us to where were at today, even with rap artist like Snoop D O double G.

Michael Jackson still has musicians in the 21ST century aspiring to be a modern version of him. His moves and vocals make Brown one of the artists most compared to Jackson. Chris Brown is another popular pop artist that has been influenced by Michael Jackson when it come to his performances and dancing.

It could have been the red military type jacket, the black pants, patent leather shoes, or the white sequin glove that he wore in the Thriller video. Take a look at pics from M. Music and dance has been influenced through years and years of artist and will continue to influence the artist of the future.Michael Jackson: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated Michael Jackson brought a new style to the music scene, changing everything from fashion, videos and dance, which started around the making of the Thriller album and several of it’s music video’s.

2, Likes, 76 Comments - Joseph Jackson (@thehawkj5) on Instagram: “#tbthursday Often imitated but never duplicated, christened with my own name, my son, the one and ”.

The Genius King of Pop that is; Michael Jackson. Often imitated, never duplicated. I Love You Michael; R.I.P ♥ There's Nothing That Cannot Be Done, If We Raise Our Voice As One.X - MJ ♥Occupation: Journalist. Never Duplicated Michael Jackson brought a new style to the music scene, changing everything from fashion, videos and dance, which started around the making of.

Michael Jackson ♕ @MJJLegion Chronicling the life and career of the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson ‒ run by the Fans, for the Fans. Dec 11,  · #Tbt Throwback. Picture captured me watching over my son.

Often imitated but never duplicated. Christened with my own name, the one and only, Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael jackson often imitated never duplicated
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