My thoughts about gun control laws in the us

A knife can be used for cooking and a bat for baseball. Aside from that, they know little to nothing about guns. You think you and your friends are gonna go all Walking Dead and suddenly know military tactics, flanking techniques, and urban warfare?

Because all these gun control laws do not work.

My Thoughts On Gun Control

When you transport it, it has to be completely unloaded, with the ammo separate from the firearm, and you can only transport it when you are going to the range and back. You must be able to disassemble the weapon and clean it, plus know the difference between bullet calibers and rate of fire.

Random Thoughts About Common Sense Gun Control Control

The whole incident began when my Army unit discovered staff officers from our command were trying to commandeer our M4 carbine rifles.

She even informed her clinician that due to a recent divorce she was struggling with suicide ideation. If not, let me explain it to you: Join up if you want it that bad. Veterans and law enforcement. A few others are collectors. After you have gone through all of that, you still cannot carry your firearm.

Easier Gun Purchases For Law-Abiding Citizens The benefits of a system like this would be that gun purchases would be simplified for both the buyer and seller. No more tax stamps or wondering what laws the ATF is going to change next.

The reason being is the AR is the one they associate with mass shootings. To those who feel guns are the solution: Mexico on the other hand had Again, the law in Puerto Rico only allows you to buy ammo at gun shops, and only in the caliber of the guns you have previously registered under your license and they track your ammo purchases and usage.

At the time, Ramadi was the most violent city on Earth accounting for half of all daily attacks that happened in the country of Iraq. Unresolved past pain and lacking purpose or direction in life accounted for more than half of all respondents.

Deers, ducks, and boar are dumb.

Have you changed your opinion on gun control?

There is a middle road available. How strict are the gun laws in Puerto Rico? Well, first it has to be proven that the person knowingly sold the gun to a felon. And talking about firing range, if you happen to be a law enforcement officer, and you want to go and shoot with your duty gun, and government issued ammo, good luck.

Now compare that to buying a gun in the United States. With the idea of showing competence to acquire a license, we could likely decrease things such as accidental discharge or injuries to bystanders in the event that a weapon has to be used.The debate on gun control and mental health has picked up once again.

This is a call to action for Congress and lawmakers to act on it.

US gun control

Have you changed your opinion on gun control? of the attack changed his views on gun laws in you to share your thoughts on gun control in the US. Mar 12,  · Just my thoughts on whats taken place here in Florida.

Honest Thoughts From a Veteran about Gun Control and Mental Health

Take them for what they are. Comment below if you have any info to help others in the 2A fight. My Thoughts On Gun Control.

can agree that the laws are too relaxed.

Gun laws in the United States by state

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Gun laws in the United States regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. A gun control bill, passed on March 30th, Why, yes, I do have thoughts on gun control.

devote himself to gun control. "I lost my the United States should respond to gun-rights groups' requests.

My thoughts about gun control laws in the us
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