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During report I mentioned nothing of the light that had seemingly come from Ruth. As I suctioned her around 6 a. As the charge nurse called her husband, I finished report and went home, knowing that, at the very least, I had been witness to an extraordinary event, open to interpretation in different ways by different people.

As the week progressed, her condition remained unchanged, but began to deteriorate toward the end of the week. I faithfully told her what I was doing, when I was finished, and when I would be back.

After report one night, as I was assessing my patients, I felt particularly drawn to the new elderly lady, Ruth, in the last room at the end of that wing of our unit. I realized that I was the one who was upset, learning in report how her increasingly dejected husband was realizing the fatal turn that their life had taken.

About kris5 I am an RN with a Nursing exemplar papers yrs experience in hospital care: I have also been a legal nurse consultant. More for myself, really, than for her, I began to talk to her as I worked. I told her that her CT scan showed increased swelling in her brain, and what that meant.

As a new RN in a large midwestern hospital, I started on the 8 hour night shift of a busy medsurg telemetry floor. Her flaccid right side offered me no resistance as I went about taking her vital signs. I only reported her slack jaw, her stable vital signs, and stable neurological signs.

It requires your heart and soul, and it gives it back to you. I had all the other 12 patients on that wing of the floor to see safely through the night and they were all asleep. She remained seemingly oblivious to my ministrations and care. I continued to talk to Ruth nightly about what I knew had transpired during the day, not knowing if her husband talked to her, held her hand, or spoke to her when he was there.

I remember thinking that maybe I was more exhausted than I thought; or perhaps I had gotten a little too personally involved with Ruthie.

Topic: The paper is on the nursing exemplar BEHAVIORS. The topic is ADHD

My other assessments showed no other difference in Ruthie, and her vital signs were unchanged. Each night I would continue encouraging her, talking to her while I worked. I am now on social security disability, partly attributed to the huge physical demands of hospital nursing, but nursing has enriched my life forever, and I am so glad I finally got to pursue it at age 32!!

By the end of the week, Ruth was no better than when I first saw her. My last 16 yrs were spent on a large, tele, intermediate care floor.

I was ready for the weekend off, yet I was aware that something momentous had taken place, even if I had no name for it. Ruth was fairly easy to care for, requiring turning, suctioning to keep her airway Nursing exemplar papers, and checking her IV occasionally. I stood there a few minutes, and nothing else happened.

She came out and told me that Ruthie was gone. Inexperience led me to rely heavily on my psychosocial skills and interactions with patients.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Nursing Exemplar Papers.

Topic: The paper is on the nursing exemplar BEHAVIORS. The topic is ADHD Find an article in an American Nursing Journal that has been written in the last 5 years, and is not a research study.

The article selected must be related to the chosen exemplar. This is a story about one new nurse's experience caring for an unresponsive stroke patient on the night shift, who teaches her about patient interaction.

Nurses › General Nursing › A Nursing Exemplar; One New Nurse's Experience. Select your favorite caption. Yearly we recognize Nurse Exemplars and Friends of Nursing, those who have modeled the best of the best to their co-workers and who have done their part to deliver on The Carle Experience.

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Nursing exemplar papers
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