Olden day writing alphabet for kids

But the reverse is not necessarily true. The alphabet Years ago, there were some strange letters in the alphabet. Here are some that we all use but may not know the full version of: As he was squatting, a large bear came from the trees and charged at him.

If we get these confused the words are pronounced as fright and hate. English A look at some of the idiosyncrasies of the English language The English language has always been fascinating to me.

There are many words that describe the fear of something-or-other, and the list seems to get longer by the day. Like gay, and sick, and cool.

Rediscover the lost art of Letter Writing - Olden days Letters

There are others, but it seems the rule has so many contraventions that it probably should not be considered a rule at all! Another multi-purpose vowel-combination is ui, as in quick, ruin, suit and suite.

The best part of writing letters is waiting with anxiety, waiting for letters for days or even weeks, whereas now emails can be written in minutes with responses in hours. The longest English word with only one vowel is strengths. What makes me worried sometimes is that some people are not even satisfied with the speed of these instant communications that they have come to a point where they have started communicating using a list of abbreviations, which I sometimes can not even keep up with.

Some examples are rain, rein, reign; weight, wait; herd, heard; and saw viewed and saw cutting toolsore, soar. And if English kids in an English school found it hard to learn English, pity the poor immigrant trying to come to grips with it, sometimes from text-books only!

The ie rule has many exceptions, for example their, heir, vein, weir, weird, reins, deign, and feint. Our great grandchildren might read them some day and realise what sort of personalities we have been apart from what they have witnessed or experienced.

Do you think the art of letter writing is a lost form? Although all the vowels have at least two sounds the long olden day writing alphabet for kids short versionsthis letter has five different sounds allocated to it, as in the words log, rogue, woman, women, to, as well as the oo and ou sounds as in boot and out, and the silent rendition as in "Phoenix" and "amoeba".

This in itself is rather strange, but to make things worse, it can have two different sounds, which are kw, as in queen and quail, and k as in plaque and unique. You can read it over and over again as many times as you need and cherish it forever, since it was written with lots of effort and concentration.

These are pronounced i, ooi, oo and wee respectively. Similarly, this group has at least two pronunciations: This later became the letter double-u w. Sure, we can use e. Another letter was called "wynn". Words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently, or pronounced the same but spelled differently, are called homonyms.

He handed his rifle to a friend and went a short distance away to relieve himself. But I do not think that they can replace the thrill that a thick envelope filled with news from a friend or relative can give. This got its rather strange name from the way in which it was listed when reciting the alphabet: The hunter jumped up and ran for his life back to his group of friends.

Letters last longer and they can be read again and again and they are more than just words. Before we might even come to know or think about it, writing a letter to Santa might be done on word processor, ignoring the entire creativeness with paper, pen and crayons.

The pronunciations are, in order, as pronounced in too, off, cuff, port, low, cow. You can also rediscover things about your family and friends, and find little secrets shared in loving letters, which will definitely bring the family and friends close with each letter.

A letter is something in which you do not express your instantaneous anger and make the other person feel hurt or rejected, you carefully choose what to write and so it becomes emotionally safer. The word dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane DDT was considered the champion for a time but now is well down the list.

The ough group of letters can be pronounced in at least six ways, depending on the surrounding letters. These are my own take on some paper-based word games like Word Search and Crosswords. More Weird Pronunciations ough: Acknowledging a letter or other invitations can strengthen the relationship failing which may sometimes offend the other person.

It begins all of the single-word queries except one: They can be written for any occasion like, birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, for getting well soon, thanking someone, invitations, announcements, congratulations, etc.

For example, if George Washington or Abraham Lincoln had communicated via emails, would we have got so much of records or history about them that we possess now through their letters and journals?Find this Pin and more on Alphabet Day by Christine Lozinski.

Letter Sounds Alphabet Game - Mom Inspired Life. Teaching kids the alphabet and letter sounds with a fun board game! If you have a young learner ages they need lots of practice to master writing their alphabet, learning their letter sounds, and.

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The History of the Alphabet INTRODUCTION: Pre-Alphabetic Writing • Chinese writing is based on ideograms – hard to learn at first, so it takes Chinese students much longer to learn how to write – not in our day at least! The History of the Alphabet CONCLUSION: The Alphabet and Spelling.

And if English kids in an English school found it hard to learn English, pity the poor immigrant trying to come to grips with it, sometimes from text-books only!

More Weird Pronunciations ough: The ough group of letters can be pronounced in at least six ways, depending on the surrounding letters.

Oct 17,  · Rediscover the lost art of Letter Writing - Olden days Letters. Updated on April 14, livingsta. more. Letter writing is indeed a dying art in this day-and-age. I remember back in the early s, as you say, people would wait with trapidation for their letters, read them with a sense of awe and write them with intensity.


Olden day writing alphabet for kids
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