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I can hear the doubts tumbling over and over in their head: Special circumstances College, test taking, work settings—your performance in all of these settings can easily be affected by a major life crisis or personal challenge. If it was maternity related, ideally there must be something you should have done in that period.

Test Optional

So, why do schools have this? Like a lot of other business schools, Babson offers you the opportunity to submit an optional essay, that is, an essay in addition to the three required.

Writing, Literature and Publishing Creative short story up to words Collection of poems samples Essay focused on literary analysis Optional essay college application to words Sample magazine page layouts samples Undecided Please use any of the above examples to assist you in developing your submission.

Use it to explain what happened, how you overcame your performance. Would you feel okay if Optional essay college application mother read the essay?

There usually is a temptation to hide this away. If your answer is a "no," then why would you ever want a complete stranger in an admissions office reading it? Students who feel that their standardized test scores will be beneficial to the review process are encouraged to submit their scores as part of the application process.

This is not a big blemish but giving it a positive spin assuming it was so for you can help have a good discussion if it comes to that. I believe any challenge in life can be broken down into small, manageable parts, and that understanding those parts is crucial for arriving at a successful outcome.

If you experienced a crisis, use this essay to explain, in a succinct and sensitive way, what we should know about it and its effects on you. A short grammar primer here before we proceed notice the italicized option in a previous paragraph — that was not a formatting error after all.

In these cases, your optional essay should remain short and to the point, making sure that you also reveal the steps you took to ameliorate the weakness or improve your circumstances.

When to use optional essays in college applications

All these are reasonably valid explanations. But a recent conversation I had with a colleague thanks, James inspired me to jump right to an aspect of the application that many of you may not be ready for: I was totally blown away.

Answering the Open-Ended Optional Essay If you face an open-ended optional essay Optional essay college application, then you have a decision to make, and an opportunity. Tweet I recently got an email from a student. Whatever be the reason, it is imperative to explain the reason behind the break.

This concept was made Optional essay college application when I was developing the trip to India for Kaiizen see my Common App essay. While that may have been excellent in hindsight, but it does show up as a year long or longer break in your career.

Should you write the optional essay? It is not uncommon for candidates to have that one bad subject where they flunked. Note for International Applicants: The Committee would really like to read your answers, because they had these very questions after reviewing your transcript. These on-campus organizations make it clear to me that Bucknell values the idea that individuals working together for the greater good can achieve great things.

Use it or Lose it? It is because they want to give you the benefit of doubt rather than leaving things to their own interpretation.

All these points can be masterfully addressed in a pithy, example-laden essay. MBA worth it or not? For excuses For complaints For repeating the contents of our website in an effort to convince the Admissions Committee that you really, really love us. Process would become everything to me in the years ahead.

But a break after college or in between job begets explaining. Being laid off from work or having had a disciplinary action taken against you in college usually has dark connotations.

Optional on the other hand is an adjective meaning something that is not compulsory and is left to your discretion. For some others, it may have taken them a while to transition from high school to the college environment.

We require students applying to these programs, as a Test Optional candidate, to select the Test Optional essay to satisfy the requirement. The answer here is again a qualified yes and for much the same reason as the qualified yes above.

A creative sample or portfolio that relates specifically to their chosen major. This simply means that you should not be compelled to write the optional essay. Instead of trying to say I am good, the mantra here like in most essays is to show how you are good — not just at anything at random, but the specific aspects where the score is lacking; overall, verbal, IR, quant or AWA.Read selected examples of essays that worked, as nominated by our admissions committee.

The essays can be the most important components of your application. Read selected examples of essays that worked, as nominated by our admissions committee. An effective essay can be about something as simple as a TV show or. optional essays tend to ask for information that isnt anywhere else in your application that you feel they need to know, etc.

i wrote ONE essay about a passion/hobby that falls under the category of "what i do for fun" rather than EC, and submitted it as my optional essay to all the schools that ask for one.

that meant i only had to write the. Personal Statement and Optional Essays “Any ideas about how to address the ‘optional essay’? Some of my students feel that they were able to fully “experiences” on the AMCAS application, there is less of a need to use this space to explain more about one of those experiences.

Still, it’s there for a reason, fill it in. Yes, do the optional essay. It can be anything you create it into and it doesn't have to be stressful. It is true people do get in without writing the essays and according to admissions they are really optional, but from my perspective if you have an opportunity to make yourself to stand out, why not?

First, keep in mind that the optional essay is not an option for applicants who have a weakness or inconsistency in their application that is not addressed elsewhere. If the question asks you to address a weakness, and you have a weakness or two, then you should definitely use this space to provide context.

Top Successful College Essays. Get into the college of your dreams! Common Application Activities List. Optional Research Essay. My experience designing websites and Internet applications landed me a job as a Webmaster for Intel Corporation this past summer.

I had the opportunity to work for Intel’s CIO on the development of an.

Optional essay college application
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