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In addition, as a consequence of changing federal procedures for determining funding priorities and disseminating funds, the County has co-ordinated an HIV Prevention Planning process incorporating multiple perspectives: Definition of Incidence and Prevalence While few understand Orange County as a region of rapid demographic change, even fewer both within and outside the County perceive this municipality as having to deal with issues of poverty and homelessness Wood et al.

A large proportion of these homeless persons have lived in the County for long periods of time, many living in the area for five years or longer Gurza, The significant changes in the demographic portrait of Orange County have implications for its racialization of work and residence.

Hispanics in Orange County comprised mostly of individuals of Mexican descent, and usually self-identifying as Latinos and Latinas now total approximatelyindividuals.

Homeless advocates in the County estimate that there are between 12, and 15, homeless persons throughout the County on any given night Anonymous, Women constituted approximately 24 per cent of the population testing HIV-positive in There has not been a co-ordinated County effort to address homelessness, rather programs and facilities tend to operate in an ad hoc way, with many programs extremely vulnerable to the changing nature of federal, state, and private charitable funding sources.

Such moderate political response tends not to be the norm for a county dominated by conservative politics and which served as the birthplace for Proposition a recently passed California State initiative which would deny education and health benefits to undocumented immigrants and their families Ropers, For the County as a whole, the U.

One reflection of its dynamic character has been the rapid diversification in its population over the past decade. The proportion of Asian and Pacific Islanders grew, for example, from 4. A central element in the economic development of the County, particularly between the s and s, was the growth in aircraft and defense-related industries Rahimian et al.

The Vietnamese population tends to be concentrated in the cities of Garden Grove and Westminster in the north-west portion of the County Ropers, The resulting high-technology industrial complex created a polarized labor market, where highly skilled engineers, technicians, and management tended to be white, while the blue-collar labor force involved in agriculture, construction, and bench work provided employment for the growing Latino and Asian immigrant population Mishra, In general, there is relatively little interaction between the Latino and Vietnamese populations in Orange County, although there are growing professional affiliations through business associations and human service providers.

The Health Care Agency of the County of Orange has, since the early s, used applied anthropology to develop culturally specific prevention and education programs for female sex workers and undocumented Spanish-speaking males Wood et al.

Facilities providing services for homeless persons tend to be concentrated in the northern, more urbanized areas of the County; however, there are food banks, drop-in mental health care clinics, and other services sporadically located throughout Orange County Orange County HIV Planning Advisory Council, Census describing the overall County demographic portrait.

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But life in Orange County has not been static. Recently, the cutbacks on defense related spending resulting in the closing of military bases and the downsizing of defense-related manufacturing and productionthe fiscal woes of the County suffering recently from the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.Choose from top rated Orange County, CA college essay tutors.

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