Patton-fuller sensitivity analysis essay

The expenses with the added number of nurses might not be offset by additional costs to the medical institution. Annualizing is defined by factors such as vacation, holiday, sick pay, and other days that are non-productive. Many infirmaries every bit good as health care centres possess a bigger figure of nurse thereby bring forthing insecure work loads and extra overtime.

One way that organizations such as Patton-Fuller try to solve the nation-wide nursing shortage is to raise their wages to attract more potential candidates.

Patton-Fuller can, when they may need to, increase their nursing staff with traveling nurses for six months out of the year or make a more costly decision about hiring more nurses as regular staff to decrease poor patient outcomes.

Elements That Affect Staffing at Patton-Fuller The elements that affect the health care staffing as observed at Patton-Fuller which includes raises in wages, the nurse-to-patient ratio changes, the contracted staff reduction, and the additional staffing of more nurses aides.

Trend analysis of the fiscal part of the inflows in nurse staffing shows where Patton-Fuller can foretell an addition in rewards with an increased demand for nurses. The non-operating income and the investment income is not scheduled to have any loss or gain which is great for the company since they will not lose any money in this area.

These numbers show when the hospital needs to have more nurses available because of the influxes in the inpatient population at Patton-Fuller.

Sensitivity Analysis: Patton Fuller Community Hospital Essay Sample

Annualizing is defined by factors such as holiday. As the organization becomes more advanced so does the work or services they provide, therefore more employees will be needed. These Numberss show when the infirmary demands to hold more nurses available because of the inflows in the inpatient population at Patton-Fuller.

Likewise when the work load of the nurses is increased the patient safety starts to alter. All in all the hospital was able to increase their revenue from the last year, but ended up increasing their expenses which put them in the same financial position in both years.

Reviewing the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Nursing Statistics spreadsheet allows specific deductions to be made based on the collected data for a month period. With decreased patients per nurse. Presently the immediate demand at Patton-Fuller is the 5: One of the major changes that impacts patients a great deal is when wages are changed for clinical employees.

To assist fulfill the demands or demands of employees for the hereafter. Patient care will always be positively affected when wages are increased and when you add mandated staffing ratios; it is nearly impossible to have issues with the nurse-to-patient ratio.

If this happens, the organization will result to low nursing staff level as well as very poor patient care. Solving the Nurse Shortage through Higher Wages. The trend also issues information on the needs of the staff depending on their posts as a manager, nurse, helper or any company personnel.

The expense category is next which talks about salaries and benefits first. As the analysis of the unaudited financial statements shows that all the financial ratios have improved, and the hospital is poised to continued its profitable rend.

Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: Reviewing the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Nursing Statistics spreadsheet allows specific tax write-offs to be made based on the collected information for a month period.

Likewise when the workload of the nurses is increased the patient safety starts to change. Everything has to be evaluated carefully when dealing with the staff because you have to have the right amount of ratio of patients to staff in order to function correctly.

The disbursal class is following which talks about wages and benefits foremost. Planning becomes more predictable when there is more accumulated yearly data documented for analysis.

Patton-Fuller is presently progressively profitable and is turning invariably.

Patton-Fuller Case Study: Sensitivity Analysis

How Comparative Data Facilitates Forecasting at Patton-Fuller The standard tenancy was used to find the dollar addition on the cost for the nurses. The leading role of trend analysis is to evaluate the employee demands or requirements to increase organizational sales, which ultimately will help in planning the required personnel in a health care organization.

Therefore, doing the research on the salary increases would be the best before making the final decision on this. Nurse to Patient Ratios. As a result, Patton-Fuller is currently increasingly profitable and is growing constantly.Free Essays on Patton Fuller Hospital Sensitivity Analysis for students.

Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - View Essay - HCS week 5 Health Care Case Study Sensitivity Analysis from HCS at University of Phoenix. Patton- Fuller Hospital Sensitive Analysis Your Name HCS October Transcript of Sensitivity Analysis. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital AGENDA Introduction- Andrea Comparative analysis of the last two years of data-Thawakorn budget assumptions, positively or negatively affect Patton-Fuller-Laura Trend analysis to plan for staffing at Patton-Fuller-Priscilla.

Sensitivity Analysis Sherri Fergusson HCS/ December 22, Terri Andrews Sensitivity Analysis Many organizations have data analysis to review the financial statements, annual report, and budget issue documents; The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is no different.

Patton-Fuller Sensitivity Analysis Essay Sample. According to Health Affairs, “Several trends in hospital use and staffing patterns have converged to create potentially hazardous conditions for patient safety” (Rogers, Hwang, Scott, Aiken, &.

Patton-Fuller Case Study: Sensitivity Analysis The intense scrutiny of these annual reports and financial statements, which are necessity for the hospital auditors, will need to know that the 80% of the revenue is from the inpatient activity, which includes surgery charges, medical-surgical nursing and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges.

Patton-fuller sensitivity analysis essay
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