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Again, this is a conflict of interest, allowing the agency or publisher to increase its profit margin by charging authors for extra services—which may not be of professional quality. An editing referral should always prompt some extra checking. Grammar rules and spelling are different in American English and British English, for example.

And if you request specifics and are refused--move on. Funds for Writers Funds for Writers—Hope Clark is the best when it comes to finding small and large markets that will pay writers for their talent.

There are several things to consider when choosing book editors: Below are some of my favorites.

Children’s Book Editors

He specializes in rescuing, restoring and reawakening broken dreams. They are in the know as to who would be right for you and your writing. Someone whose main work has been with nonfiction may not be the ideal choice to edit your epic fantasy novel.

Be wary if the editor is unwilling to provide this. A site that keeps track of publishers who are good and bad according to info they receive is Preditors and Editors. Did they do a good job?

Servicescape A site where you can hire editors on a freelance basis. Preditors and Editors Loaded with information for writers, this site keeps a watchful eye on publishers and lets you know the good guys from the bad guys.

These books have gone on to earn high praise from reviewers and readers, as well as multiple awards and contest wins. This is important for obvious reasons. Leave a comment Unfortunately in this writing business, as in most industries, there is always someone trying to scam unaware, stars-in-their-eyes writers.

So, instead of just sending them the first couple pages of your book, why not send them a test? Has a range of prices so there is something to suit most budgets. How do you, the author, find out about a publisher? Or do you want someone to look at the overall structure or plot of your book?

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She has worked with both small independent publishers, such as Roberts Rinehart and Brown Barn Books, and large publishing houses, such as Penguin Putnam and American Girl.

This is important not just for you, but for your editor, who needs to be clear on what you want the edit to accomplish.


Right reasons for having an agent would be: Let me call my agent. Standardized services and a lack of specialization suggest either a dearth of professional experience, or an editor who provides a widget-like service.

Look at the cover art and decide if you would like your book cover to appear in their bookstore. This is a clear conflict of interest. You can get a free quote here.

Always Check Predators & Editors

The skills required to edit or critique a romance novel, for instance, are quite different from those needed for a work of narrative nonfiction. You may have to try several before finding the right one to help make your book better. For another, they are well aware of the number of less-than-competent editors out there, and know that "professionally edited" may not mean any such thing.

All I see is that they made corrections…but did they get them all? As a writer you will be able to get the feel of this publisher by checking through the site. We also provide industry news, advice for writers, and a special focus on the weird and wacky things that happen at the fringes of the publishing world.

Grammar rules and recommendations vary by style guide. If the agent or publisher can make money from selling you editing or critiques, how can you be sure that the recommendation is in your best interest?Learn more about our Professional Editing and Proofreading Services.

Avoiding Scams in Publishing-Writer Beware and Preditors Scams in Publishing-Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors. are good e-book services. Both services are free /11/ To make sure that you are working with a reputable company always check Preditors & Editors. Learn everything there is to know about finding online book editors, the types of professional editing services and what exactly editors do.

Preditors and Editors have taken on some new staff. New volunteers and we’ve moved to WordPress to boot. Things are going to change slightly, but we’re going to carry on David and Andrew’s. Posts about preditors and editors E-book e-books ebooks edit a manuscript editing editors Food foods self-publishing services self publishing.

Preditors and editors editing services
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