Senior thesis at wesleyan

Some are writing stories, essays, or engaged in community service projects. The Proposal The Senior Thesis or Essay proposal should be a clear and concise statement of the aims and scope of the project. The topics covered in these electives are predetermined and specified in WesMaps. The advisor shall give the student a course grade for the two terms of work on the thesis; this grade need not be the same as that awarded to the thesis.

Honors candidates must present their work in progress to the faculty at the end of the fall Senior thesis at wesleyan. First-year students contemplating an economics major should acquire the requisite mathematical background as soon as possible.

senior thesis

This course covers both micro- and macroeconomic issues and is well suited for students who do not plan to major in the discipline but who want a general introduction to economic analysis and institutions.

The first senior thesis art exhibition opens at the Zilkha Gallery on Wednesday, March 25! Sam Rispaud also works on schizophrenia, asking how neurocognitive function relates to changes in functional outcome.

On Earth Day, Paterson debuted her thesis, which involved spoken text, song, poetry, performance, and audience participation.

Economics Major

Theses are evaluated by the department based on the recommendations of a committee of readers including the thesis advisor and two other members of the faculty. Greg has spent a considerable amount of time doing fieldwork in the Southwest and is now writing up the results.

Students who have been awarded departmental High Honors for the thesis and who have completed all General Education expectations are eligible to be nominated by the department for University Honors.

Both should be considered serious academic undertakings and students should plan to begin research in the semester or summer which precedes it. Sufficient time must be allowed for the chair to forward a recommendation about grade and Honors to the Honors College by the deadline.

Paterson’s Senior Thesis Explores Urban Farming, Communal Activity, Performance

A student who does not receive departmental Honors may and ordinarily will still receive credit for the thesis tutorials, if the advisor feels this is appropriate.

In order to write a thesis or essay, one must first secure the agreement of a departmental faculty member to serve as an advisor. On Earth Day, April 22, Paterson presented at tend, a durational performance of song, poetry, and spoken word, which unfolded over the course of the spring semester.

Knowledge of basic economic principles, important economic issues, and major economic institutions The capability to read and understand the scholarly literature The capability to engage in theoretical and empirical analysis of economic problems.

While the Senior Thesis is a two-semester project, the Senior Essay is a substantial one-semester research project undertaken in the context of an individual tutorial. ECON majors must take at least three level electives.

Hillary Rodham senior thesis

These are just a few of the theses that young scholars, artists, writers and scientists are busy bringing to completion. The experiences helped shape and inform her thesis project.

Senior Theses

Kehan Zhou, writing in CSS and Economics, analyzes alternative currency movements, in particular crypto-currencies, and in particular Bitcoin, concentrating on the supply of and demand for cryptocurrencies, how cryptocurrencies work, and the operation of the markets for crypto-currencies including pricing fluctuations, security issues, and possibilities for arbitrage.

The traditional route for an honors candidate is the two-semester senior honors thesis tutorial sequence ECON and ECONin which the student begins thesis research with a faculty advisor in the fall, continues in the spring term, and completes the thesis by the deadline set by Honors College usually mid-April.

The advisor and the student will discuss and choose the other readers in the spring, with the advisor responsible for contacting readers in other departments unless both advisor and student agree that the student shall make the contact.

The student should also outline the analytical method to be used and any theoretical approaches that may be brought to bear on the topic under consideration.

Proposals will be considered by the departmental faculty.Earlier this week I wandered over to the Public Affairs Center to participate in an evening seminar of the College of Social Studies. I am working with a senior in the program, Jeremy Isard ’11, who is writing a fascinating thesis that deals with issues concerning memory, narrative and trauma in a Uganda refugee camp, and I was to hear his presentation to his fellow students.

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Working on a Senior Thesis? Apply for a Thesis Mentor!

InHillary Rodham wrote a page senior thesis for Wellesley College about community organizer Saul Alinsky entitled "There Is Only the Fight An Analysis of the Alinsky Model." The thesis is now available.

While the work by Rodham as a college student was the subject of much speculation in articles and biographies of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the s, access to the thesis was. The first senior thesis art exhibition opens at the Zilkha Gallery on Wednesday, March 25!

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Senior Thesis Artists Are Awesome! June 22, March 28, by mroth. No more than one senior thesis, individual, or group tutorial may be counted toward fulfillment of the major. ECON, and ECON must be taken at Wesleyan; no more than two elective courses taken elsewhere may be counted toward the economics major.

Courses taken elsewhere must be approved by the department chair prior to enrollment and. The West Virginia Wesleyan College Art & Design Department will host three senior thesis exhibitions. All exhibitions will run from April 12 – May 5,

Senior thesis at wesleyan
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