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The economic benefit is from the reduction in accidents and deaths. Sources of Disagreement Speed cameras employ the Doppler Effect sometimes referred to as the radar, which produces sound waves when a vehicle passes.

Works Cited Books, Llc. What is important is the effect speed cameras have on reducing death and accidents on that particular road. The fact that speed cameras are run by private companies whose driving force is to make higher profits solidifies the thought that speed cameras are a profit making endeavor.

Some people are known to drive very carelessly without seriously considering the outcomes of such mannerisms. Another reason for death includes driving while ill since at a critical level of the same, an individual may lose control hence causing an accident.

It has also been argued that drivers cause accidents especially those hastening towards a given place since they tend to release quickly brakes once speed limit lights are off. They cause accidents because people brake from 40 to 30mph.

Speed camera fines and road accident fatalities in Britain.

Summary of Arguments for the Use of Speed Cameras According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developmentspeed is noted to be the main cause of deaths and injuries in the Speed camera Speed camera essays.

High Speed is bad for communities and other types of exercise. However, it has been argued that speed does not kill implying that by promoting speed cameras shows that the country is motivating legal driving but not safe driving. In most cases, incase there is any suspected violation the registration number is always photographed for further investigations on the victim.

This will help reduce carbon emission and global warming. According to statistics, the costs employed in covering such deaths and accidents often exceed one million. Furthermore, speed cameras can also be placed on gantries particularly above the road or on tripods.

The cameras are mostly connected to radar or induction loop detectors beside the road for efficient speed measurements. The other type is referred to as the mobile speed camera and this is always installed in the vehicle being used by the police officers.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. For instance, the traffic officers could easily install a traffic sign that suddenly lowers the speed limit that is placed near the traffic sign knowing very well that it will be hard for most drivers to slow immediately within the new and required limit Books The companies issue many fines to increase and sustaiin their profit.

Saving lives, especially that of young people definitely has an economic benefit. Several people have reported being fined illegally due to mistaken identity or other causes Muskaug Speed Cameras Introduction Speed cameras are those that are used in recording or registering speeding offenses towards identifying the owners of such automobiles through the registration number.

It has been noted that the major causes of death stem from fatigue noted in driving instances as well as reckless driving but not driving at high speeds.

However, a moving vehicle within the beam may reflect the waves of the radar thus modifying its frequency.

The Use of Speed Cameras essay

In most cases, this it has been noted that law enforcers tend to abuse such privileges towards generating more fines. Studies have shown that excessive speed supreses cycling and walking Criticisms of speed cameras 1. Own Conclusion In my own point of view, speed cameras Speed camera essays be encouraged because the advantages exceed the disadvantages.

If you drive safely and stick to the speed limits you will never have to pay it. It is not possible to compare countries because factors vary significantly. Research shows that speed cameras can be installed in poles mounted by the roadside and these are referred to as fixed position speed cameras Wells The change of the frequency size depends on the speed of the item hence making it easy to calculate the speed.

Note that, the economic costs also include costs of police, hospitals, and lost earnings. For instance, by applying speed cameras on the roads, leads to a reduction of accidents especially those occurring because of driving at a high speed.

Most taxi drivers tend to drive at high speeds due to competition with one others, thus encouraging speed cameras, such actions will be reduced hence cutting on the rates of the road accidents.

It is often the case that rich people speed as they like. Again, speed cameras help in improving the societal wellbeing in that those who drive recklessly and at high speeds are always fined and that money is used somewhere else hence reducing real taxes burdens towards those who drive responsibly Heavey Summary of Arguments against the Use of Speed Cameras Many individuals have asserted that speed is not the main reason for deaths within road usage as noted by Books Therefore, to help reduce this rate of deaths speed cameras should be instituted as a remedy to save lives.

Speed cameras reduce or limit the number of causalities in areas where they are placed and on the road network as a whole. For instance, a person may chose to receive a phone call while driving and may therefore suddenly loose control due to lack of concentration hence causing a serious road accident.

Such kind of actions in most cases lead to mistrust as well as accidents as drivers strain towards achieving legal limits even in dangerous situations that may accrue from skidding or rolling instances due to emergency braking.Countries without speed cameras have lower death rates.

It is not possible to compare countries because factors vary significantly. What is important is the effect speed cameras have on reducing death and accidents on that particular road. All over the world, speed cameras and red light cameras are being used quite effectively.

For example, in France, and Italy, there are fixed speed cameras with warnings half a kilometer before, to. Open Document.

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Speed cameras in reality, slow motorists down, which would certainly reduce the risk of accidents, therefore they would benefit Victoria with less deaths on our roads.

My main reason why speed cameras are of benefit to Victorians is the enormous job they play in the road toll.

Speed camera essays
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