The disuniting of america thesis

Yet as Schlesinger points out, the Western canon—a fluid, immensely complex cultural inheritance that contains voices of rage and protest as well as voices of celebration and devotion—is precisely what has inspired the great black political theorists and philosophers, not to mention innumerable critics of the West both white and black.

Both men said that one could not belong to both the American culture and another culture. Schlesinger was the bard of both the New Deal and the whole Camelot thing with the Kennedys. There is no data that claims that showing black students historical figures from The disuniting of america thesis own race has a different effect on their feeling of self-worth than a historical figure that is of another race.

Americans have been proud of their past s as well as confident of their future. Europe has made mistakes, but the country has also done a lot of good in the world. We still have to work to unite everyone in the common goal of uniting as one people, yet embracing the diversity of our members, but we are making progress.

At the end of this road, he warns, lie Yugoslavia and other contemporary battlegrounds of racial and ethnic separatism. Since the early 19th century, most black leaders have repudiated the notion that they are Africans first, Americans second. Both world wars ignited minorities to demand their rights of choosing to hold on to their old ways.

This shift is helping students to see the contributions of other people to American history, rather than only the white contributions.

But others believe that to pay disinterested attention to the past is a prerequisite of both cognitive rationality and national solidarity. This severely limits what people can do in the public setting, and more concretely divides our country into separate groups. What, briefly, is the multiculturalist case?

And it is true that the often witless linguistic quibbling associated with it can make it sound academic in the worst sense.

For anyone worried about the direction of the US under Trump, I would suggest this book on the grounds that you may be able to appreciate the views of various Americans you disagree with, such as conservatives.

Politically, I thought the book was harsh on our governments, but essentially accurate. The lack of appreciation of our inherited Western Culture,which is the greatest culture in the world,bar none!

Instead of the old melting pot metaphor, we have an angry tossed salad. I have always heard that it is a form of discrimination to students when they do not see people of their own race in history books, but telling a blatant lie to makes students feel better? Older speech codes banned from civilized society the street language of sex, but this inhibition does not seem to have improved sexual behavior or the status of women.

For example, the tempo of life in a country like Bulgaria is quite graceful. The universities, he believes, can handle their problem, but the situation in the public schools is disturbing. Honest history cannot regard the European origins of American culture and Constitution as poisonous, nor will it condone the provocative ethnic mythmaking with which some seek to supplant it.

Yet there was a time, not so long ago, when the American minorities, however conscious of discrimination and other wrongs, still wanted to be American. She claims that "there is a wide gulf between the sociological proposition that knowledge is culturally based and the claim that all knowledge reflects politics be this now the politics of class, race, age or gender.

One of the most pernicious effects of multiculturalism has been to destroy the linguistic ground necessary to debate it. Schlesinger concedes, the burden of compromise will fall on the minorities, who need to accept a historical culture that they now profess to abhor.

I knew something about most of the concepts Schlesinger discussed, although I had not seen some of the blatant evidence. He reviews historical data, talking about how people fought to integrate black students into the school in order to receive equal opportunities in education.

The final segment discusses the importance of teaching all history, whether it shows countries in good or bad light. I used to read a lot more history than I do now. The remedy, he feels, may lie in improved intellectual hygiene. History is taught to help students reach an understanding of the past, and where their country came from, not to make students feel better about themselves.

Historically, I thought The Disuniting of America was an easy way to become familiar with events that have affected how we view people from other countries, and of other races. Meanwhile others freely "spout racist, sexist and homophobic epithets completely unchallenged.

And they are right. By comparison with a potentially explosive global situation the current American debate, subsumed under the label "political correctness," may seem trivial.

The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society

I thought Schlesinger presented a great deal of good information in this book, and he makes a lot of good points.The Disuniting of America essays "Those who want to join America must be received and welcomed by those who already thnk they own America." "Not only must they want assimiliation and.

Review of “The Disuniting of America Reflection on a Multicultural Society” This book is mainly inspired by the minority report that Schlesinger write for the task force as a. Mar 23,  · Originally published by Whittle Direct Books and now reissued with an expanded foreword, The Disuniting of America: Reflections on a Multicultural Society is an uncompromising look at the fraud of multiculturalism and Afrocentrism.

Essay The Disuniting of America and The Other America - The American dream was used as an advertisement for the new America. It was used to build a large piece of empty land into a country. It was an idealistic dream that had no real control on how the environment would take to it.

Dec 02,  · The Disuniting of America, written by Arthur Schlesinger, is collection of essays that discuss how multiculturalism has affected the United States over the past few centuries.

Schlesinger starts off discussing how America was formed.

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Interviews & Essays; March 15, welcomed Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., author of THE DISUNITING OF AMERICA. I think this disuniting tendency /5(5).

The disuniting of america thesis
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