Thesis widgets not showing

Fixed bulk edit problem with resetting sidebars.

Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager

Inside widget panel if you already have 3 wigets then change this widget as 4. Widget-based — I wanted to use the built-in WordPress widgets feature for building my sidebars, no PHP code for the sidebar content. Fixed a problem with widget visibility on taxonomy archive page.

Added ability to allow change sidebars by an entry author. Move widgets from the built-in widget areas to your new sidebars by dragging them.

These widgets extend the functionality of our Themedy Themes.

Fixed Widgets Screen for Right to Left languages. Load JavaScript templates only on the widgets page. Pascal March 4,3: Add a text widget to the top of each custom sidebar with the name of where you think it ought to show up.

Chethan January 10, All of them involve copying and pasting code from other parts of Thesis, which is a code smell for something that is likely to be a maintenance or compatibility problem down the road.

When you use a traditional WordPress theme this is easy to accomplish, just create a new page template and away you go. Added ability to replace sidebars for custom taxonomy archive. So only your new sidebars appear, and inside your hook method you have full control over which of them to display.

Defining the Ideal Solution I had a few important criteria for my own solution: There are three easy steps to implementing this solution. That will help you debug your hook method from step 2.

What am I doing wrong? Fixed a problem with empty taxonomies, now we can see all taxonomies, including empty.

A 4 Sneak Peek: Killer Recent Entries

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fixed a CSS glitch on media library. Allow using categories and tags for pages.With Thesiswe aim to make the display of recent posts much more flexible with the aptly named Killer Recent Entries widget.

And yes, this is a real widget that you can add or remove right from your Widgets panel. Wordpress nav menu images not showing up in mobile safari. I created a second nav menu and added it to the sidebar in Thesis by adding this code to my The menu icons appears correctly on all browsers (including mobile chrome) but not on mobile safari (where just the links appear).

Thesis Widgets Not Showing - Freiheit Do you have a suggestion for making the option selected from the drop down persistent in the widget option dialog? It’s me again:) I’m building another site for a different client.

Fixed problem with import widgets created before Custom Sidebars plugin was installed.

Dynamic Widget-Based Sidebars for the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Fixed problem with sidebars on Front Page. Where lightbox not showing for everybody (Thanks to Robert Utnehmer). Now the plugin works with themes like Thesis that don’t use the the_header hook.

Changed the hook where execute the replacement code to. This Thesis Theme tutorial explains how to show two column categories list in the sidebar of thesis wordpress theme.

[SOLVED] Help! Text Widget Images not showing in Single Post Sidebars

It is widget based 2 column category list. we can add inside the footer widgets also. With help of wordpress ctegory list function code just change the css width of the list as 50% then it will give you two column categories widget in. Widgets and Side Bar not showing in Forum. Chicken Review.

Participant. @chicken-review. 4 years, 8 months ago googled ‘thesis theme & bbpress’ and got several hits saying that bbpress doesn’t function with thesis, and a link to a plugin that might fix it – worth a try or some more googling!

Thesis widgets not showing
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