What is the function of act 1 in journeys end essay

He cannot understand how the men can sit, eating fine food and drinking champagne ,when one of their closest companions has been killed. The audience can relate to Raleigh as similar to us, throughout the play we are endlessly learning about the war from previously not having much knowledge.

The combined descriptions of the suffering they have to experience contributes towards the honourability and heroism of the men, by traits emerging during the lifestyle they had to endure, such as courage, loyalty, patience and dedication. At the beginning of this scene, the lighting reflects the bright, jolly mood of the men, and contrasts strongly with that of the previous scene.

By the end of Act 3 Scene 2, Stanhope is absolutely livid with fury. C Sherriff has chosen to alter his speech and tone of voice to show the audience clearly how the raid has affected Stanhope as a person.

Just the sight of Raleigh triggers conflict and rage in Stanhope as he is convinced he is there to spy on him and report back to his sister Madge who Stanhope hoped to marry once he returned. Throughout the play, lighting is used to set the mood and display to the audience as realistically as possible what it was like for the men living in the dugouts.

The war affected all the men involved in so many different ways, but obviously the main effect was that so many of them lost their lives in battle. His short battle experience has erased whatever distorted expectations he has had before, and he now knows about the harsh realities of life in the trenches.

The stage directions play a huge role in informing us and giving us some factual information of the extreme, unsanitary conditions the soldiers have to tolerate, which also adds to the tension and dramatic effect.

What is the function of Hardy in the Opening of Journeys End?

The joking is ultimately and evidently there to mask the fear and dread of the bombing yet to come. By the end of that particular scene, even though Raleigh has only been at war for a week, he is already a changed person.

What is the function of ‘Act 1’ In ‘Journeys End?’ Essay

Quite soon though, these traits are challenged and a sign of vulnerability begins to creep in, also giving us an improved insight of the terrible effects of war on these men. Raleigh is a young, inexperienced newcomer, and Osborne is an experienced senior officer, but they both die within a few days.

Hire Writer Even the sight of Raleigh appears to anger Stanhope. Osborne is also a loyal and caring friend. Raleigh refuses to go to dinner, which greatly angers Stanhope.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: The sound of laughter replaces the sound of heavy guns, which lightens the mood and relieves tension considerably.

The last main character in the first act is Raleigh. This vague interpretation and small portioning of revolting food would have a lasting effect on the men, unable to give them the energy they need.

However, neither of them really know if Osborne will come back alive or not, and this fear and uncertainty is another effect the war has on the men and their lives.

He and Stanhope are extremely good friends- the war has brought them very close. He also puts Stanhope to bed when he is drunk, which shows that he has a caring nature.

Journeys End shows the effects of the war on the men involved very realistically, using dramatic devices such as sound, dialogue, props and lighting very effectively. It would also be a major change for many of the men not having washing facilities, and having to survive in appalling living conditions.

The deaths of Raleigh and Osborne show that war is indiscriminate, and death can occur at anytime to anyone, regardless of age or experience. This is because Stanhope was at school with him, and is engaged to his sister.

After Osborne, whom he was very close to, is killed during a raid, the men do not openly grieve, but try and act normally to keep their morale up, and have a dinner with cigars and champagne to celebrate the successful raid. From initially starting the play, your interpretation of war changes dramatically over the act.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: On the very first page of the play, lighting is described in some detail.Act three scenes one and two offer the first dramatic parts in Journey’s end.

Most of the play up to this point is building up, Essay Journey's End by R.C. Sheriff Journeys End does not just give you facts and figures but it shows you the horror and devastation of what actually happens on a. A secondary school revision resource for GCSE English Literature about Journey's End by Robert Sherriff.

In Act 1 scene 1 the previous company has had a quiet posting with only Journey's End by RC Sheriff Essay - Sherriff's "Journey's End" On many occasions throughout the book of the play of "Journeys End", Sherriff uses methods to re-create the overwhelming stress of trench warfare.

After reading ‘Act 1’, we instantly get given a slight insight on some of the horrendous conditions of war, which is something you do initially expect to entice before reading a war play.

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“Journey’s End” by R.C Sherriff Essay

Learn more. AS and A Level. What is the function of Hardy in the Opening of. The essay will mainly focus on Act 3, Scene 2 of the play, but relevant quotes from other scenes in Journey’s End will also be used to help illustrate points.

What is the function of ‘Act 1’ In ‘Journeys End?’ A Raisin in the Sun Compare/Contrast Play/Film ; .

What is the function of act 1 in journeys end essay
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