Why rap isn t a bad influence

Does Rap Put Teens at Risk?

V 17 Comments 10 No Variation This only occurs mostly towards somewhat famous rap music. On the bad side, I acknowledge that most of mainstream rap tends to promote counter-productive things to our society that may dampen our growth e.

Often we find ourselves forming opinions of music because of how aggressive or depressing we perceive it to be from lyrics or tone. After studying black girls between the ages of 14 and 18 from non-urban, lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, researchers found that compared to those who never or rarely watched these videos, the girls who viewed these gangsta videos for at least 14 hours per week were far more likely to practice numerous destructive behaviors.

Rap is part of the black culture. According to Michael Delpleache of Hip Hop Gives Back, a youth empowerment organization, teens are drawn to the fantasies of wealth, glamour, and sex appeal in rap videos.

And there are all sort of different perspectives for all of those topics. At 1hood, kids learn to critique tropes found in rap lyrics and videos, and learn about the exploitative practices of music labels.

In fact, our own research debunked the myth that extreme music makes fans angrier. I even like some songs about making money, but only when its about the hard work and effort involved.

And nearly all of them find there is a strong effect. You might deal with emotional upheaval through jazz or opera! While the researchers surveyed viewing habits for various types of rap videos, gangsta rap was by far the most popular among the girls practicing these destructive behaviors.

There are no more excuses. Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media, issued January. Yet these processes allowed them to feel better in the long-term.

Why Rap Isn’t a Bad Influence

Both sides are dumb as hell, hence why I have no political alignment. Nobody gives a crap seriously. These songs insult the intelligence of every human being that dares to listen to this horrendous heap of garbage.

Over the course of the one-year study, they were: Beastie Boys with their punk influences, whilst sounding nothing like the metal rappers, Nas with his Rakim influenced sound and somewhat slowly and little, but still, changing rap sound.

There are two important caveats to this information: But rap -- and in particular, the especially violent and sexually-explicit gangsta variety -- has raised special concern. Dre did in "Forgot About Dre", then it is not bad. Although gangsta rap videos depict tough inner-city "street" life, their largest viewing audience is white suburban youth, who have better access to cable television channels such as MTV and BET Black Entertainment Television.

G awareness of surrounding world and positivity etc. Jones, and the final third were told that the song was a s rap song by D. Sad music also has its place in promoting emotional health. From Elvis to Columbine, the songs of music-obsessed youth have often been blamed for anti-social behavior.

Inthe AAP issued another policy statement that was critical of rap music. So something like education is generally speaking, "good," whereas something like violence is generally speaking, "bad". Rap videos can also illustrate glamorous and dangerous fantasies. Interestingly, participants also reported that listening to sad music when venting or reflecting on events strengthened and, at times, increased negative feelings.

Obama proved you can go as far as you want in life.Why Rap Isn’t a Bad Influence. Good afternoon judges and audience. My name is Camila Diaz, and I’m the summary speaker. In conclusion, we can say that rap is more than a style of music, is art expressed in every lyric.

We don’t have to subject to social prejudices, because we only create a stereotype, only guided by a superficial opinion. Equally important, the effects of rap and hip-hop music on American youth can be positive, yet can be very destructive. On the positive side, they can make a person feel good about who they are.

Yes it is. Rap isn't a bad for society. It is what the lyrics are telling us. Music is notes on a staff. Not the words.

The culture tells kids that in order to be cool they have to listen to the correct music and the reason why they dress so shabby is because they see celebrities dressing in very revealing clothes. Rap Music is bad because people have preferences of music.

Why is there no originality? This question implies a falsehood. Why is rap so bad? Why is there no originality? Why do they mumble lyrics? about this j Cole is my favorite rapper but the radio plays one or two of his single for 2 months tops but the content isn't as entertaining.

Why Rap Isn't a Bad Influence Essay Conclusion Good afternoon judges and audience. My name is Camila Díaz, and I’m the summary speaker. In conclusion, we can say that rap is more than a style of music, is art expressed in every lyric.

We don’t have to subject to social prejudices, because we only create a stereotype, only guided by a. What Influence and Effects Does Rap Music Have on Teens Today?

by NAKIA JACKSON Dec. 28, Your teen's interest in rap isn't the end of your hopes for his successful adulthood. It's an invitation for you to help them develop greater awareness of adult issues.

Can Music Be a Bad Influence on Kids & Teens? How Does Music Affect.

Why rap isn t a bad influence
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