A contrast between aquatic therapy and traditional therapy in treating arthritis

Most deformities involve the hand, knees, feet, and shoulder. Amit Ramesh Dhumale, director of the neuro-rehabilitation centre at Jupiter Hospital.

Water Therapy vs. Land Therapy: What You Need to Know

Is a long-term high-intensity exercise program effective and safe in patients with rheumatoid arthritis? Nineteen patients, diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee, hip and ankle participated in the study.

In an aqua gym, the equipment is submerged and one can see only the top of the machines. Physical therapists provide exercises designed to preserve the strength and use of your joints.

The therapies are customised for each patient. Mumbai-based fitness instructor Shivani Patel, who offers aqua aerobics training, says many of those who come to her suffer from frozen shoulder, knee problems, spine ailments and back injuries.

Fortunately, under proper counseling, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis can safely exercise, improving overall physical fitness, greater ease for activities of daily living and an improved sense of well being.

In studies by Mueller ref 10 patients on strict bed rest lost 1. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water, either hot or cold, to treat conditions. It is not caused by the deterioration of joints but by an autoimmune disorder. An occupational therapist is a specialist who helps people with arthritis maximize their ability to participate in activities safely and enhance their quality of life.

Rehabilitation Management for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Exercise is an important part of arthritis treatment that is most effective when done properly every day. If your hands are affected by arthritis, avoid tight gripping, pinching, squeezing, and twisting.

To learn more about our Grand Prairie aquatics therapy or physical therapy programs, please do not hesitate to contact Classic Rehab today.

All participants were over thirty-five years old and had a clinical history of the disease. An occupational therapist can show you ways to do everyday tasks without worsening pain or causing joint damage.

A careful decision should be made regarding the goal of orthotic prescription e. Stretching Acutely, inflamed joints should be rested to prevent exacerbation of symptoms.

Individual joint rest is most helpful when arthritis involves one or only a few joints. If you have arthritis, many assistive devices have been developed to make activities easier and less stressful for the joints and muscles.Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between "aquatic physical therapy" and "aquatic exercise"? The difference is that aquatic physical therapy requires the "skilled service" of a PT and/or PTA which may include: degrees for less active patients such as those with arthritis or women.

Occupational Therapy for Arthritis

Aquatic Therapy uses water to help patients improve skills for daily life and work towards being able to participate in land-based therapy or a home program. Service provided by the Divisions of Occupational and Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation.

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Jun 27,  · Aquatic therapy for treating arthritis, muscle weakness and back painAuthor: Jyoti Shelar. Specifically, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis are at risk for decreased flexibility, muscle atrophy, decreased muscle strength and reduced [ ] Arthritis Information.

In contrast, Gerber et al Indeed, aquatic therapy should be beneficial for individuals whom have difficulty with weight bearing or balance.

Hakkinen et al. WebMD explains the roles physical and occupational therapy can play in relieving arthritis pain. than traditional land-based therapy in improving function after TKR -- and just as effec-tive as land-based therapy in treating pain, edema, ROM and strengthening.

2. Additionally, a recent landmark multicenter study Aquatic therapy: scientific foundations and clinical rehabilitation applications. PM R. Sep;1(9)

A contrast between aquatic therapy and traditional therapy in treating arthritis
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