Oregon business plan steering committee minutes

Agency Outreach Agency visits continue and several more are in the process of being scheduled.


To develop its own procedures for budget review and planning. Project staff learned that Regents Institutions do not currently use Oregon business plan steering committee minutes Codes.

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The action plan recognizes that people have different priorities and different opportunities to contribute. The regularly scheduled meeting time of the committee shall be Tuesdays from 1: It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to represent the Budget and Planning Committee in various campus forums.

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There were a couple of agencies that did not come to the sessions they were invited to attend. The committee also includes a diverse set of representatives from within the community. He also asked Steering Committee members to be a champion for the project and to make sure they are sharing information with all levels of their organizations.

The Committee chair may determine the length of time any participant has to address the committee.

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Board of Directors Special Meetings Special Board of Director meetings are held on dates outside the normal monthly meeting time on an as-needed-basis. Two sessions are being offered to allow for the maximum number of staff to attend this event.

Expectations for Agencies Gary Schneider informed the group that agencies with systems that will need to be modified or decommissioned will be asked to prepare a project plan for completing this work. However, when staff met with the Kansas Insurance Department they found a well designed web-based system that will soon interface to their billing system and meets the needs of the agency.

The redesign of Object Codes is being discussed with all of the Regents to determine the impacts of changing attributes of the Object Code schema to their existing Financial Management systems. The training will continue over the next 6 weeks and the majority of training will be held on-site.

Special meetings would be granted with the approval of the chair. The following persons were in attendance: The committee may also recommend changes to the Core Theme Objectives, Indicators, Measures, and Targets in order to ensure data collection is meaningful and relevant.

State project team members will begin attending Oracle Certified training courses on Monday, October 13th. Current Activities Project Timeline Gary Schneider went over a timeline of the activities that will occur during the first six months of the project.

Amendments The bylaws may be amended at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee by a two-thirds vote of Committee members. The Consortium steering committee is made up of representatives from both public and private entities and meets on a quarterly basis to discuss impacts on tourism, hospitality and other related interests throughout Oregon.

This position is coordinated through the office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Keep Oregon Moving includes a new 0.

A representative from UMB bank, the BPC vendor, will be here next week to meet with project staff to see what level of granularity on spend data they can provide. Analysis is scheduled to be completed in January and a recommendation will be presented to the Steering Committee at that time.

Public Meetings

This tax is effective July 1, and provides a dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation service in Oregon that benefits a high percentage of low-income households. Please take a few minutes to review the materials and provide your feedback by completing this brief survey:These Directors conduct a variety of public meetings that include regular and to Oregon public advancing the goals of the Long-Range Transit Plan.

the process builds on the previous plan and involves a Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee, the COCC Board of minutes to review Oregon Community. Minutes for OISRA Nordic Division Steering Committee Plan for better traffic The Nordic Steering Committee shall conduct all business and determine.

Start a Business. The Business Plan; Lake County Commissioner Ken Kestner took office on January 2, AOC Communication Policy Steering Committee Vice Chair. QAPI at a Glance The scenario below illustrates how a QAA committee might develop a plan of correction in the QAPI Steering Committee decided to.

Since the Oregon Business Plan has been the state’s principal economic development forum. Creating jobs, raising incomes, and reducing poverty in OR.

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Oregon business plan steering committee minutes
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