The strengths and weaknesses of deontology essay

On the Christian worldview God puts most attention on our holiness, which is often a result enduring pain, and refining our character to put to death fleshly desires. Utilitarianism also appears a hedonistic philosophy. The highest or unconditional good is having goodwill hence, the only thing that is good without qualifications is good will.

But, this weakness can be outweighed by its strengths as theories like the categorical imperative and the first maxim offers humanity a deontological framework which upholds justice and equality.

Analyse and explain the strengths and weaknesses of deontology

Utilitarianism also tries to negate all pain, however, some pain is actually good. It is not obvious, apart from intuitively, why we should not divorce emotion from moral decisions.

Deontological ethics Essay

Further, what is considered a moral good on behalf of the majority of the population in, say, democratic Canada would not be considered the same in other nations whose populations hold to different views.

However, given the obvious subjectivity to these terms we find a great deal of criticism of the theory. A notable feature is that, unlike Utilitarianism, he thought empirical evidence was an unreliable guide and that how we experience things came from the mind a priori. Kant argued that the capacity of rational choice was the cornerstone of morality as making a choice rationally involves, applying principles of rules to ourselves to how we should act.

This strengthens the argument. We must then use our powers of rationality to evaluate whether this would lead to self-contradiction when universalised. What may be pleasing to one will differ to another, however, God does not change Jam.

Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals. Also, by removing an initial reliance on God, Kant loses some of the ability to justify his theory as a deontological one, because actions are inevitably contained and judged within the parameters of this world which is based on our experience.

For instance, to kill someone is always, absolutely wrong, however that person might cause ultimate pain to millions of other people in the world. The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics.

And where we would have disagreement as to what would constitute these things we are ultimately left to little more than having to assert our own subjective opinions over those of others.

On the other hand, just like Aristotle, Plato and Descartes, Kant commits a naturalistic fallacy as he turns an is into an ought and places the highest value on reason as rationality is a distinguishing feature of humans.

Logically this argument appears quite convincing, as Kant does indeed rely on consequences rather more than he would like to admit. According to the deontologist it is morally wrong to murder a child because such an act would end the life of the innocent child.

History and contemporary society testifies that people fall for pleasurable, sinful lifestyles.Deontological Theory of Ethics Essay Sample Clarify the key features of a deontological theory of ethics.

To what extent if any do the weaknesses outweigh the strengths of this theory Deontology literally translates as the science of duty.

Deontological Theory of Ethics Essay Sample

The Strengths and Weaknesses Of Virtue Ethics going to explain why the ethics of care theory is the most ready for use in psychiatric nursing practice today and what deontology, utilitarianism, situation ethics strengths and weaknesses Essay Situation Ethics is.

Lesson 6 - deontology – strengths, weaknesses and evaluation 1. Deontology – Strengths,Weaknesses and Evaluation By this end of this week you will have: •Revised key scholars involved with deontology •Evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of deontology •Have completed a timed assessment on deontology.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Deontology Essay Sample

In summary, this essay has analyzed three normative theories: what they are, their strengths and weaknesses, their differences, and their applicability. Further emphasis was put on the correlation between utilitarianism and Biblical based ethics, and this attempted to illustrate that they are opposed to each other; that we cannot live both ways.

Free Essay: The Strengths and Weaknesses Of Virtue Ethics The virtue ethicist suggests that his theory avoids the complicated tasks of using a formula to. Fits with Human intuition- one of the greatest strengths of deontology is that it fits with the intuitive knowledge of right and wrong that we all have.

Louis Pojman- gives the example of torturing innocent children; we just know that this is wrong.

The strengths and weaknesses of deontology essay
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